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Civil Jets Page 10

FSX 'Boeing 797-400' Kuwait Airways. Fictional aircraft - based on the Boeing 747-400 model by Melvin Rafi. No VC. . Uploaded by Eric Buckman. 7.9MB

Update. Fixes smoke out point. 6K

FSX Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9, including Animated Ground Servicing (AGS). Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 2MB
FSX Airbus A321 Air Tahiti Nui Textures only for FSX default A321 Well, being in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti Nui (Great Tahiti) uses long-range A340-313Xs, but the livery is magnificent, and I love this country and its beautiful people, so I've done the job on a hypothetical Airbus A321. I'll repeat it on the A340 whenever this plane will come out for FSX. By Sammy Dowidar. 3.6MB
FSX Boeing 767-400 Continental Airlines. Adapted from the FS2004 767 by Project Opensky. (No VC). 12MB
FSX McDonnell Douglas MD80 Alitalia. Adapted from Sam Chin's original FS2000 MD80 (No VC). 7.2MB
FSX Boeing 737-800 Europe Airpost Textures only for the default B737-800. 3.1MB
FSX Airbus A340-200 Royal Jordanian Airlines. Modified for FSX from the Project Opensky model. NO VC. 11.8MB
FSX Boeing 747-400F FedEx Textures only. Created for the default Boeing B747-400 in the colors of FedEx. By George Hutton. 1.4MB
FSX Boeing 757-222 United Airlines. Model by Project Opensky. Livery by Sam Needs. Modified to work in FSX by Davis Snedeker. No VC. 6.7MB