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FS2000 Crossair-Eurocross Saab 2000 Concordino The Saab 2000 Concordino is a 50 seat regional aircraft which was specially concieved and developed for Crossair's needs and built by Saab of Sweden. The aircraft quickly earned the name "Concordino" with Crossair, and with good reason: it may be powered by two turboprop engines, the Saab 2000 has the cruising speed of a jet. The aircraft features a transparent cockpit, full animation including flaps, rudder, airelons, landing gears, and elevators, as well night textures. The textures were made from scratch using only photos for reference. Designed by Greggory Payne. 528K

FS2000 Aviat/Pitts S-2B of Seppo Saario The S-2B is the outstanding two seater version of the Pitts Special. This aircraft has the unique capability of true unlimited-class performance, even while carrying both a pilot and passenger. The Pitts Special S-2B is the preferred aircraft for dual instruction for all acrobatic manoeuvres. The S-2B is powered by a 260 hp Lycoming AEIO-540-D4A5 engine with a constant-speed propeller. The engine is equipped with a patented Inverted Oil System and a fuel system for unlimited inverted flight. This FSDS design includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit with transparent canopy with glass reflections as well as the instrument panel. Designed by Mikko Maliniemi. 499K

FS2000 Pro Cessna 310. An FSDS aircraft with full moving parts, 512x512 textures, a custom panel, transparent windows and a virtual cockpit with night lighting effects. By Chuck Dome. 737K

FS2000Cessna 152 CC-KAA Cessna 152 CC-KAA Created 01/Ene/2001 With FSDS and Aircraft Animator Abacus Version 1.0 Freware. Gauges: download Flightsim Designed Model and Gauge: Marcelo Cánovas FDE: Raul Acevedo. Painted: Mauricio Illanes Bitmap View Aircraft : Painted mauricio Illanes. Original Photo View : Jean-Pierre Langer and Paul Beardsley December 2000. Include : Full Movings Parts 3D ( Flap , Aleron , Rudder ,etc ),Transparent Windows with reflejo ,Real Prop Type F2000 , pilot 3D, 3D Blade , Full Checklist , separate switch Land Nav , strobe , Custom Panel and Full Views. 3.7MB

Cavalier Airlines Embraer EMB-110 Cavalier Airlines Embraer EMB-110 for FS2000 only. This small aircraft is used as Cavalier Airlines' main short-field prop, and was created by the Aviation Center Studio and includes detailed textures accompanied by night lighting. Painted in the Cavalier Airlines scheme by Adam Reynolds. 190K

Britten-Norman Islander (for FS2000) General This software contains: - a Britten-Norman Islander aircraft repainted in the livery of the Italian Wings, a virtual airline which operates in Italy and in many countries of Europe. The model, created by Mike Stone, gets full moving parts and transparent windows with a detailed interior including the pilot; - a panel obtained with the BMPs and a great part of gauges of default. The GPS98 (shareware) is enclosed. Aircraft: Mike Stone. Panel and Italian Wings livery: Gen. Marcello Lugari. 900K

FS2000 Piper Arrow II. An FSDS aircraft with full moving parts, 512x512 textures, transparent virtual cockpit and a custom panel. By Chuck Dome. 237K



FS2000 AIRCRAFT- DreamFleet 2000 C-172P Pilot Operating Handbook An all new version of the 172P POH, for the DreamFleet 2000 / FSD C-172P aircraft and panel. Re-recreated from the original POH included in the package, but now in easy to read and print PDF format. Total 51 pages. You must have Adobe Acrobat reader 4.0 (not 3.0) installed in order to view / print this handbook, and this must be downloaded separately from Adobe. No support can be offered for this handbook or for Adobe Acrobat. Freeware, by Alex Franzen, in cooperation with DreamFleet 2000.. 370K

FS2000 Avions Robin 3000 version 1 All new design with full moving parts. The aircraft uses the generic Cessna panel and sounds. A/C Design and Paint by Nick Pike. 133K

FS2000 Beechcraft Duke B60. An FSDS aircraft with full moving parts, 512x512 textures and a custom panel. This is basically my previous Duke with the addition of transparent windows and a virtual cockpit. By Chuck Dome. 824K