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Scenery Page 9
FS2000 Scenery -- Denmark V2.1 Contains Kastrup(Copenhagen) Karup, Vaerlose, Ronne, Billund airport, with nightlight,season change By Jan Rasmussen. 2.2MB
FS98/FS2000 Scenery--Millennium Dome London's Millennium Dome is the largest dome in the world, and is close to the London City Airport approach. New version has improved scenery. Compatible with default FS2000 scenery, default FS98 scenery and UKDT South East England scenery. Includes full install instructions in README file. By Iain Murray. 150K
FS2000 Scenery Airport SIMON BOLIVAR INTL Adds to scenario for default of FS2000, gateway, administrative building, control tower, firemen's hangar, parkings, hills, precise topographical contours, static airplanes, taxi lines and much more Requires textures Airport and VODTEX By David Maldonado - March, 2000. 580K
COLBY LAKE: BUSH PILOT SCENERY FOR FS2000 A created Lake with many homes, trees, and wild animals. Challenging 1000 FT dirt runway set into the defualt FS2K Alaska mountains. Direct ADF from Anchorage Intl airport. FS98 and Airport 210 textures required, all other files enclosed. Super easy installation with FS2000 scenery library. BY: Ken Nelson. 418K
LONDON STANSTED AIRPORT UK - FOR FS2000 Replacement for the default London Stansted scenery with new terminals, tower, FLS maintenance centre and cargo building. Includes 22 numbered gates and additional stands plus signage, trees, carparks and road lighting. 10 representative static aircraft types included. By John Young. 661K
FS98/FS2000 Dynamic/Static Scenery for London Gatwick This scenery contains 2 independent dynamic files in current colors, that use runway 8R for take off and landings. Includes additional static planes. For with with any of London Gatwick scenery created by Barry Perfect . Dynamic scenery by Bruno Koppel. 1.9MB
FS2000 Scenery for Hamburg-Finkenwerder (EDHI) Version 3.0. High detailed static scenery of the airport where Airbus A318, A319 and A321 are final-assemblied and delivered to customers. This Version requires FS2000. By Frank Zimmermann. 338K
Airfield Schaffen Diest (Belgium) by Johan Hooyberghs. Europe 2 and FS6 compatible. High detail, interactive, reacts on real date and holidays. Fly-In included. Visit the Bar and have a beer. 203K

Nevada Test Range 2000 FREEWARE scenery for Flight Simulator 2000 only. Requires VOD 3.0 textures and FS2000 patch #1. All other needed files are included. Features detailed Tonapah Test Range and Groom Lake\Area 51 airbases. Dense dynamic scenery. Unzip and keep folder structure. Copyright 2000 Michael Alvarado. 1MB

"GRIZZLY LAKES" upgrade to FS2000 FIVE Bush Pilot FS98 scenery areas upgraded to FS2000 format with the use of the Flatten Switch command. Enjoy more trees, wildlife, and larger scenery areas with challengeing approaches. All files needed are encluded along with special installation instructions. BY: Ken Nelson. 906K

FS2000 Scenery Static aircrafts/trucks for UK Covering London Heathrow and Manchester.By Harald Heidinger. 470K

Tampa International Airport Scenery for FS2000. Tampa, Florida, USA By Christopher Gilbert . 1.4MB Patch for Tampa International Airport Scenery tpafs2k.zip replaces some missing textures and corrects a ground texture problem with the previous patch tpa2kpat.zip. By Christopher Gilbert. 22K