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Blenhiem RCAF. The long nose Blenhiem IV first flew on 24 september 1937 It was a 3 seat med bomber that was valnerible to attack many was shot down by the Germans in the Battle of Dunkurk. So it was rolled over to the nite fighter/bomber roll a proved itself worthy it. Made BY D.KAHLSTROM. 449K

Stearman PT-13 Kaydet - FS2000 only. The PT-13 was the primary trainer used during the late 1930s and WW II. Of 10,346 Kaydets produced for the U.S. and its Allies, 2,141 were PT-13s. Features moving parts, detailed engine and a realistic panel courtesy of J.L. Stubbs. Aircraft by David Eckert

USMC SBD Dauntless "Slow But Deadly". Includes 3D cockpit and cowling, moving parts, spoiler-operatedarrestor hook and more. Smooth, gentle handling, and bombing accuracy that defies description. Fully animated including CFS-style rotating prop, split dive/landing flaps, and working arrestor hook. Tax-deductible donations accepted for: The Young Marines of the Big Bend.

The most authentic DC-3. New photo-real dual panel, quadrant, gauges, overhead and cockpit views. Unique gauge lights and cockpit spot- lights. New radios and auto pilot located on overheads, featuring real starting system. Sound pack, start-up and shutdown, recorded from actual DC-3. Real DC-3 flight dynamics. Max moving parts, unsynchronized retraction, see-thru windows/cockpit. Illustrated manual. By Bill Rambow, Roy Chaffin, and Jan Visser

2 Part Download

Part 1 Aircraft 11.3MB

Part 2 Gauges & Manual 11.3MB

Pan American World Airways Boeing 377 Stratocruiser for FS2000. A 12 sided fuselage, moving parts, and that extra care for a real nice visual model,available now for use with FS2K. A joint effort by Dave McQueen and Rui Cristina. 544K

B-17f Flying Fortress of the USAAC 8th Air Force capture by the Luftwaffe and given to KG200 for testing and covert use. Textures reworked by Mike 'JG26_Bandit' Colclough. Original design of this aircraft was by John Cooper.

FS2000 Waco YMF-5 (1935) All original aircraft by Clay Wheeler, Florida, based on R/C model drawings and artist's rendering of a navy blue 1935 Waco YMF-5 and the drawings of Paul Matt in his Scale Airplane Drawings - Volume II.

FS2000 Polikarpov I-16 Russian fighter first flown in 1933. It was the world's first high-performance cantilever monoplane with retractable gear. A very able and rugged machine. 6555 were built. Features moving parts and an imaginary basic panel. By Tom Schaad. 3.2MB

Douglas A-26C Invader A-26C "MY MARY LOU" FOR FS98/FS2000. This A-26C Invader is painted to represent "MY MARY LOU" 44-35696 a Korean War Veteran which completed over 100 missions with the 17th Bomb Wing (L), 95th Bomb Squadron during 1952-53. It is owned by the Collings Foundation who are restoring it to fly in its original Korean War markings. ORIGINAL B26-C DESIGNED BY GERRY SCHMIDT of FSD REBUILD WITH MOVING PARTS AS A-26C "MY MARY LOU" BY E & R ALLEN (DUXFORD LEGENDS) WITH R. HARRIS. 229K