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FS2002 Scenery for Wynyard/Burnie, Tasmania Australia This is the 2nd Airport I have done for Tasmania Australia, this one being the Wynyard/Burnie Airport. The previous being Devonport which is also included in this Zip File and is the lastest Update for Devonport. New Scenery file, designed to help all those that love VFR and Night Flying, this Airport was almost impossible to find when flying VFR or Night Flying. 216K
Blizzard Run (update) British Columbia Scenery for MS Flight Simulator 2002 Blizzard Run, a thriving trading community located on top, and on the shores of quadra island in british Columbia, Canada. Detailed scenery featuring many custom houses, open hangers, lake houses, float plane hangers, wooden docks, static vehicles, campers, and incorporating the new FS2002 smoke effects. This update adds the missing textures and the tree textures by Gerrish Gray. By Michael Carr. 5.2MB
FS2002 SCENERY Black Point Intl (fictional airport) UPDATE March 13, 2002: Improved old MYE6. Smoothed Grassed areas, bus & van macros, improved textures. Opened adjoining runway for smaller aircraft. SEE README file. Requires "PlanetAir Scenery Texture" plus included texture folder. Created using Airport 2.60 & FSDSA.. - jimmy R martin. 734K
Updated: FS2002 Scenery - 14th and 15th Swiss Airports for FS2002. Add 2 new airports to the scenery "13 Swiss Airports" . Need previous download of Swiss40a.zip, swiss40b.zip and swiss40c.zip (above). Update also some airports and add missing grass texture. By Daniel Gauthier. 3.6MB
FS2000/2002: Eighth in Helicopter Scenery series Pensacola Building fire with several landing areas by C.Young. Downtown , Fire Heliport across the bay from Pensacola, Helicopter crash at Whiting Field. This file is "stand alone" and requires no other textures. 414K
FS2002 Scenery Rock Sound Intl MYER2 March 18,2002. Complete UPDATE of Rock Sound, Bahamas. Smoothed and Hardened surfaces, ILS added! "PlanetAir Scenery Texture" download PLUS included folder are required. See README file for more information. Credits in readme file. APT file Included. Jimmy R martin. 912K
FS2002 New Devils Tower Version: 1.1 Created By: John"FlyBoy"Eberts This is a file to replace the default grassy hill thats supposed to be Devils Tower. It was made using GMAX, and is freeware. It will work with the default scenery, and I believe it will also work with the Devils Tower scenery from FSGenesis. I personally believe this is the best Devils Tower available at this time. However, I made it, so..... 483K
FS2002 'Gaia Mesh System' Iceland Mesh Terrain Scenery which cover the whole of Iceland. Offers Highly Detailed Terrain Mesh for the Whole Island. By: Raimondo Taburet. 3.6MB
FS2002 - 'Gaia Mesh System' South Africa' Demo. This demo Cover Cover S31 E17 to S33 E19 in South Africa. Part of the Package 'Gaia Mesh System' South Africa. This Pack Cover the whole of South Africa and includes very Detailed Terrain Mesh. The Full Download Size for the Scenery is 34,1 MB. Full Package is Available at Fsfreeware.com as Low Price Payware Scenery at US$ 14.99. By: Fsfreeware Group and Raimondo Taburet. 526K
FS2000/2002: Ninth in Helicopter Scenery series including Sacred Heart Hospital, a large heliport on the beach next to the Gulf of Mexico, and two plane crashes in wooded areas. By C.Young. 812K