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Payware addon: Richmond International, Virginia series is KRIC, l, a fairly large commercial jetport serving Richmond Virginia, the state capital. Detailed terminal area, cargo area, general aviation areas, and Virginia Air National Guard area are included as are some pretty nice night lighting effects. Other files in this series are pamdva.zip, crisfield.zip, and charlottesvile.zip. Lago's FSSE (payware) support pack 2 minimum is required to view this scenery. By Lauren Robison. 183K
World Trade Center add-in Option: This scenery addon for Flight Simulator fills in that unsightly gap in the middle of Lower Manhattan. Not only does it replace the twin towers, but it adds the plaza, the other Trade Center Offices, & the Marriot Hotel. All textures are custom-made. At night the Center can be seen from up to 40 kilometers (15 miles) away. I have excluded 7 WTC because a new building is going to replace it. When they release the design I will create a separate file for it. Name not supplied. 129K
Afcad file for Buldir Lighthouse, Holland. 25KIt's pretty quiet in the air around the Aleutians i thought it would be nice to see some float planes buzzing around. I used to work in Dutch harbour. Float planes are the only way to get you to your boat if it's out in Bristol bay or? Pretty hairy flying. 25K
FS2002 Scenery - Two new Swiss Airports for FS2002. Add 2 new airports to the scenery "Swiss Airports 2002". Need previous download of Swiss40a.zip, swiss40b.zip, swiss40c.zip, swiss40d.zip and swiss40e.zip.(see previous page) Includes the military airport of Mollis (LSMF) and the little place Porrentruy (LSZY) with photorealistic textures. By Swiss FS Team. 4.8MB
FS2002 Scenery - Swiss Airports 2002. Update of 3 airports. Geneva-Cointrin (LSGG) : lighted taxisings and separate files for the static aircrafts. Sion (LSGS) : correct the runway number. Ecuvillens (LSGE) : photorealistic textures. By Swiss FS Team. 3.5MB
FS2002 AFCAD Facility Data For Honolulu (PHNL), Hawaii (HI) Five overlays for Interisland, Mainland, International and seaplane flights. By Jason Geyer. 48K
Landclass Scenery - Victoria, Australia.(Version 2) This is a Complete update of the pevious version and now is almost as "real as it gets". This new version even includes most small towns in Victoria as well as many golf courses and is ideal for anyone that loves VFR flying. This version has little or no impact on Framerates! Ian Thatcher & John Glossop. 190K
Campbell Town Airfield - Tasmania Australia Campbell Town Airfield was used extensively by the RAAF for training purposes prior to RAAF Base Pt Cook closing. Includes full textures and AFCAD file. Ian Thatcher. 381K
FsJettrails for Fs2002. Brings you Jet trails like with FsClouds in Fs2000. By Gerard Salden. 127K
Gateway Forest Products in Ketchikan Alaska is another Alaskan dock facility for floatplanes. While that plant at Ketchikan does exist in reality, I modeled it from an existing plant in Montana, where I pulled veneer off the green chain many years ago. I left the loading doors open along the dockside of the plant, which allows good interior views of all the machinery. The interior is brightly night lighted, and all of the major aspects of plywood manufacture in a typical plant are there, right down to the interiors of the restrooms. By Dave Erickson. 1.1MB