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Scenery Page 38
FS2002 scenery enhancement for the Northwest Territories, Canada, Version 3 Final. Features all government and commercial seaplane bases in the territory and includes a detailed A/FD for both land and water airports, plus heliports. Bonus scenery includes six wilderness camps and the Canol Heritage Trail. Includes previous fixes and patches. By Bill Freeborn. 7MB
FS2002 Honolulu International Airport Static aircraft, Oahu, Hawaii HNL By: Bill Melichar Description: This scenery adds several static aircraft to the Honolulu airport that I created, honolu.zip. I have had several requests for static aircraft due to the A1 aircraft combined with the scenery density is just too much for some computers. I have added the static aircraft at two different density levels, on dense you get four aircraft at the ends of the terminals spanning the airport, at very dense you get an additional four aircraft near the inner gates spanning the airport, so you can select which setting best suits your frame rates. At a normal setting, you will get no static aircraft. This scenery also includes ramp stop lines around the terminal, which I added after releasing the scenery originally. 771K
FS2002 Lillooet BC floatplane Scenery Next in my BC floatbase series, Lillooet is located on beautiful Seton lake, at the junction of the Fraser and Cayoosh rivers. Includes a starting point in a boathouse as well as the dock and refueling area. All required textures included. By Ted Griggs. 464K
FS2002 New Orleans Helicopter Scenery #5 by C.Young. Every installment is stand alone. This installment includes the Oil Field gateway, Veince Louisiana, about 90 miles south of New Orleans at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Boat docks, heliports, oil rigs, and Port Sulphur Hospital. 2MB
FS2002 scenery enhancement for the Yukon Territory, Canada, version 1.1. Features all government and commercial seaplane bases in the Territory and includes a detailed A/FD for both land and water airports, plus heliports. Seven wilderness camps are also featured. This upgrade release completes the road system and adds some missing textures. By Bill Freeborn. 7.1MB
FS2002 - THE DAVENPORT HOTEL, Spokane, WA. These files add The Davenport Hotel, the "Jewel of Spokane", the clock tower in Riverfront Park and the Davenport smokestacks in Spokane WA. The orientation of the VFR smokestacks has been corrected from the default layout in FS2002. This is my first attempt at scenery design. I designed it using Raimondo Taburets' Inland Empire Mesh. By Lou Frost. 248K
Landclass Scenery for South Australia - FS2002 This new landclass scenery covers all of SA and adds many missing towns as well as adding many Golf Courses and is best suited to those that love VFR flying. Landclass Scenery has little or no effect on Framerates !! Copyright: Ian Thatcher. 288K
FS2002, Nadi International Airport, Island of Viti Levu, Fiji..........NFFN By: Bill Melichar Description: This scenery adds a new terminal, hangar areas, and cove for seaplanes and boats. It realistically depicts the terminal at Nadi airport, pronounced Nandee, which is one of the most important hub airports to the South Pacific. It is a moderate sized airport which can handle the largest size jetliners, and is the gateway to the Fijian Islands. The cove which lies on the coast below the airport has been turned into a scenic area for docking boats or sea planes. There are three desity settings to ease up on frame rates. 2.9MB
Paris Charles de Gaul increased traffic. For use wiuth AFCAD (available here) F.KABALU. 16K
Paris Orly AFCAD file. Airport 2000 vol.3 Paris Orly airport (here). You need the wilco scenery (payware) to use this file. 8K
LONDON GATWICK for Airport 2000 vol.3 version 1.0 You will also need AFCAD by Lee Swordy (available here) y by Wilco to use this file. 8K
Afcad file for the wonderful Brussels Airport Scenery by Robert Buysen. 8K