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Scenery Page 60
FS2002 Canberra Airport - ACT, Australia. This is a basic version of Canberra Airport that I made personally for a friend who lives in Canberra. This scenery only includes the Main Terminal and surrounds. I have also included a basic updated AFCAD file to prevent AI Aircraft from parking inside some of the buildings :-). Ian Thatcher. 1.7MB
FS2002 Belfast City Airport Scenery. This is a addon file for Belfast City in Northern Ireland. The scenery includes Lots of new buildings, hangers, static vehicles, static aircraft, ships in the Harbour, heliport with 4 helipads, various other objects and humans to make the airport more lively. There are also lots of things to see in and around the local area. This file is to be used with Lago's Flight Sim Scenery Enhancer and is totally fictional. By Wayne Cooper. 302K
FS2002 scenery. Colmar-Meyenheim (LFSC). This package contain the Meyenheim military Air Base who is the home from two French Air Force squadron EC1-30 "ALSACE" and EC2-30 "NORMANDIE-NIEMEN", she is located in North-East from FRANCE in ALSACE. Very detailed scenery. By HAUGER Fredo. 2.1MB
88 UK Airport AFCAD Files for FS2002. Updating previous versions, correcting and adding new airports. John Brace. 261K

FS2002 Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base. AIRBASE SCENERY DESCRIPTION An accurate model of Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base as it appeared in mid-1968. Ubon RTAFB was the home of the famous 8th Tactical Fighter Wing “Wolfpack” during the Vietnam War (1965-1974). The 8th TFW flew F-4 Phantom IIs. The “Wolfpack” shot down 40 North Vietnamese MiG aircraft - more than any other fighter unit of that war. Another specialty of the 8th TFW was “bridge busting” using laser guided bombs. Note: This scenery requires the Trees_v3.zip Object Library by Gerrish Gray. Due to the large size of this scenery (about 900 textured 3-D objects) it will not function correctly on older, slower computer systems. A CPU speed of at least 1GHz and a minimum of 256K of RAM is strongly recommended. George Knowles. 3MB

FS2002 Upgraded scenery textures for Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base. (Requires prior installation of UbonRTAFB.zip) George Knowles. 286K

FS98/2000/2002 Long Island Soaring Association Thermals Scenery These files adds some thermals to default Brookhaven Calabro Airport Scenery at Shirley,Long Island,USA. This airport is home of Long Island Soaring Association. It is freeware. By Francisco Vargas. 31K
FS2002 AFCAD for Colmar-Meyenheim (LFSC). (See Colmar-Meyenheim- LFSC above) This pack contain an AFCAD file to update FS2002 start position for my scenery from Colmar-Meyenheim Air Base. By HAUGER Fredo. 14K
FS2002 Isleta Marina located in Fajardo Puerto Rico. Carlos Marrero. 2.2MB
FS2002 Luis Munoz Marin Intl airport, Puerto Rico. Carlos Marrero. 4.6MB
Las Palmas Airport located in Patillas Puerto Rico 24.5 miles south from Luis Munoz Marin.Carlos Marrero. 4.2MB
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