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Military Page 15

FS98 Patrouille de France (Aerobatic Team) Aerospatiale (Fouga) CM170 Magister. First flew in 1951. With moving parts. File size 114931. S Hakim

FS98 Patrouille de Suisse (Aerobatic) Northrop Grumman F-5 Tiger. File size 108757. A Delacretoz, N Arrigo

FS98 Fairchild Republic A-10A with moving parts. File size 138580. M Carlson

FS98 Lockheed F117 Nighthawk, 'Stealth Fighter', File size 74210. Capt. Slug

FS98 MacDonnell Douglas Phantom F-4, this is the anniversary 5000th Phantom from1978. File size 98400. J de Cesare, M Gurezka

FS98 Gloster Javelin FAW9, file size 75024. M Hill, C Norwood

FS98 Douglas F4D-1 Skyray. File size 29956

FS98 Blue Angels (USN) A-4F Skyhawk. File size 54459. S Adist

FS98 USAF T38 Talon with moving flaps. File size. 70627. S Adist

FS98 Grumman E2 Hawkeye, for FS5 so use converter on this one. File size 131241. T Hill