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Simviation has always supported designers & everyone involved in simviation is also involved in design.

As part of this Simviation is happy to offer free, no catches, hosting to any designer or design team. Please contact Pete for further information.


  Aircraft Design Home Page

Designing your own aircraft can be an immensely rewarding experience & is a hobby enjoyed by enthusiasts across the world. Designers range in age from 12 to 70 & probably beyond! However learning to design an aircraft will require you to do some learning & practice. There are many useful resources available including forums & tutorials.

Making any 3d design software capable of producing Flight Simulator aircraft can be a complex & intense task & hence there are no freeware versions available. The list below covers the whole range of design packages that have produced 99% of all add-on aircraft.

The following links contain downloads, accessories, plugins & Information


Software Development Kits (SDK's)

Microsoft Flight Simulator X ESP SDK

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight Software Development Kits


FS Design Studio - now in Version 3: A versatile & easy to learn FS Design Utility By Louis Sinclair - produces FS2004, FS2002, FS2000 & CFS2 aircraft & 3d objects.


G-Max : 3d CAD style design utility specifically aimed towards MSFS. Initially came with Flight Simulator 2002 Professional Edition & is used for FS2004, FS2002 & CFS3 aircraft

AD-2000. Aircraft Designer 2002 v1.2 LT. AD2K2 is a tool dedicated to the designers of aircraft for Flight Simulator 2002™, Combat Flight Simulator 2™ and later version of Flight Simulator. Attention: this completely functional freeware version (password FREE-WARE) is only for private use and gives no possibility of access to a technical support. The only available help is in the tutorial file and ONLY in the tutorial file (included).. Copyright Hervé Devred/A.C.T. publishing/Michel Melchior. Download 4.4MB

Aircraft Factory : 'Aircraft Factory 99' was/is a 3d design program available from Abacus Publications & produced FS98 & CFS1 aircraft. Though 'Out of Print', it may be available 2nd hand - if you really want it.


General Aircraft Design Utilities & Plugins : A host of Plugins & Utililities for animating, texturing, etc.


Design Adoption - where designers can offer their head a rest & offer their projects to others to finish or learn from !


3 View Resources - Invaluable resource for designers. courtesy of Felix Rodriguez
Aircraft Repaint Kits

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