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Aircraft SR71 Blackbird (here)
Panel (here)


Aircraft by Graham "DOTCOM" Waterfield

Panel by Vanessa Leightower


Date Tested :23 Feb 2000
Computer Specs:
Make: Dell
Processor: PIII 700
Graphics Card (if any): Nvidia TNT 32MB
Test Pilot: Pete Daly
Do you fly for Real? Used to! PPL. Too poor to fly these days! Maybe one day in the future!!!

This aircraft & panel are an ideal match. Both are superb designs & have been carefully crafted by two well known designers.

Once installed on a capable machine - this combination is one to keep!

External View: (How does it look? Quality, realism, general feel, etc): This must be at least one of the supreme SR71 Blackbirds available for FS2000. The detail is impressive right down to slots in the engines. The moving gear has been custom made & sequenced. Doors open - gear descends - doors close. Impressive. The detail from underneath is equally impressive & you will not be dissappointed. There is a transparent canopy. Maximum AF99 textures are also included.

Sounds (default or custom): Aircraft comes with sound files - although I found these a little too quiet - like riding in a limmo. Not many of us will have had the pleasure to ride in an SR71 - but my guess is there is a LOT of noise!

Ground Handling (Aircraft): Good - zero problems experienced.
Where Tested: Anchorage Alaska
Landing Characteristics & Speed on final approach: This is a FAST & slippery bird - not unsurprisingly! It takes a long time to slow down - even with air brakes, so make sure you get a planned approach with plenty of time to slow down. I'd suggest 20 miles to line up for runway. Final approach at approx 200 kts & try to hit the threshhold - braking & reverse thrust is essential from touchdown.
Takeoff Characteristics & approx Speed: Good - approx 200kts.
Other Remarks: I genuinely cannot fault this aircraft. No problems were experienced whatsoever - as long as the amazing capabilitiues are respected! It is a SUPERB creation & my opinion is you will not find a better military flyer!

Stall Speed experienced: 160 - 170 kts

Maximum speed achieved at 30,000 ft - 1200 kts level flight.

Accelleration from 200 - 500 kts = 35 seconds

Handling in the Air: A superb flyer! Steady, secure & responsive.

Rating: 100%!!!



Graphic Quality: Brilliant! Vanessa is an artist. There is a great feel of 3 dimentionality about this panel.
Functionality(% of working controls). 100% - many functions
Forward view : SUPERB!! The bitmap for the panel has been beautifully created giveng a very realistic feel. The gauges chosen are very realistic looking too. There are Nav gauges available by hitting SHIFT 2 to 8. - even a GPS!
IFR Capability:There are Nav gauges available by hitting SHIFT 2 to 8. - & a GPS too! Navigating will be no problem with this panel.

Another nice touch is the groaning brakes as the aircraft slows to a halt!

Rating % 100%!!!

Other Remarks:

Running a PIII 700 may have enabled this combination to run with zero problems - but machines of 400 & lower specs may suffer slow framerates. Remember - this is a typical case again of the software racing ahead of average hardware.

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