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Manufacturer: Kawasaki/ Eurocopter (MBB) Country of Origin: Germany/ Japan

Model: BK-117


The BK 117 is a joint effort between Germany & Japan. The 1st completed aircraft flew in Germany in May 1979. The chopper is manufactured in Gifu, Japan & Munich in Germany & Indonesia. It has a cruising speed of 145 mph (234kph) & can carry up to 11 passengers.

Due to the modular design of the helicopter and the optional quick-change equipment, a complete mission change is possible within a very short time. The spacious cabin/cargo compartment has a large usable volume and a one level floor.

It is easily accessed via two hinged crew doors, two sliding passenger doors and two large rear clamshell doors.

Easy loading of stretchers (even with rotors turning), availability of state-of-the-art medical equipment, and low vibration level during flight make the BK117 C-1 one of the leading twin-engined EMS/SAR helicopters in the world.

The BK117 C-1 is fitted with two Turbomeca Arriel 1E2 power plants with automatic speed control, in addition to a modified tail rotor, and possesses outstanding flight characteristics. Its extraordinary performance in flight wins the helicopter immediate popularity and its rigid rotor system (Bölkow) makes for exceptional maneuverability.

While engine and helicopter performance of both are approximately the same in standard day/sea level conditions, the BK117 C-1 is especially well-designed to perform in " hot and high " conditions. The low maintenance and operating costs reflect the high standard of quality and reliability of the aircraft.


  • CHARACTERISTICS (Sea level, ISA) BK 117 C-1
    Maximum weight 3,350 kg/7,385 lb
    Capacity 1 pil.+7/10 pass.
    Maximum useful load (including mission fuel) 1,595 kg/3,516 lb
    Sling load capacity 1,500 kg/3,307 lb
    Maximal operational weight with external load 3,500 kg/7,716 lb
    Power plant 2 TURBOMECA ARRIEL 1E2
    Take-off power (A.E.O.) 550 kW/738 shp
    Maximum continuous power (A.E.O) 516kW/692 shp
    Fast cruise speed ( at maximum weight) 246 km/h-133 kts
    Maximum range with standard tank(s)* 540 km-292 n.m.

*With take-off at maximal weight

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