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Manufacturer: Pilatus Country of Origin: Switzerland

Model: Pilatus PC-9


The PILATUS PC-9M Advanced Turbo Trainer continues to represent the top of the turbo trainer class offering the highest performance and excellent handling characteristics, advanced instrumentation and a greater range in training effectiveness (further into the jet trainer area) than its competitors. With over 230 aircraft sold to twelve military customers, the PC-9M is well established as the advanced pilot trainer.

The PC-9M is built upon a solid foundation of experience and with the PC-7 and PC-7Mk II M it shares high manufacturing quality, high reliability and low operating cost. The policy of continuous development ensures that Pilatus trainers fulfill current and future complex flight training requirements further into the jet training area, with unbeatable efficiency but at a fraction of the cost.

The PC-9M was the aircraft to convince training commands of the turboprop advantages for a training aircraft and the confirmation is that the PC-9M has been selected by major air forces and navy’s as their new trainer aircraft.

The PC-9M, as part of the continuous adaptation for its task, features modern avionics including a Head Up Display (HUD) with mission recording capability and a HUD repeater display in the rear cockpit.

The PC-9M aircraft also incorporates a variety of aerodynamic changes resulting in even better handling characteristics. Designed to fit the needs of future air forces, the PC-9M offers jet capabilities at turboprop costs and with Pilatus "Swiss made" precision and quality.

The Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-62 engine is a free turbine turboprop engine with full acrobatic capability including 60 seconds of inverted flight. Flat rated from 1150 SHP to 950 SHP (max.), the engine offers sufficient power to cover basic and advanced training demands.


Max. Level Speed 276 KTAS 2,000 ft
301 KTAS 20,000 ft
Best Rate of Climb 4,090 ft/m sea level
Max. Endurance, ISA at 120 KIAS; 2.45 hrs 2,000 ft
including 100 nm reserve 4.00 hr 25,000 ft







Range 2,000 ft, ISA; Speed Range Time
including 100 nm reserve at best low 210 KTAS 375 nm 1.75 hr
level speed 240 KTAS 355 nm 1.5 hr
270 KTAS 330 nm 1.25 hr




Range 25,000 ft, ISA; Speed Range Time
including 100 nm reserve Max. Speed 300 KTAS 660 nm 2.3 hr
Max. Range 210 KTAS 830 nm 3.90 hr

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