January 19, 2020
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Project BO-105 Polizei
14.26Mb (12503 downloads)
FsX Project BO-105 Polizei vers.1.1 with Virtual Cockpit. "you find it under Rotorcraft MBB/FTBVA". BO-105 Polizei New: Emergency Doors ( Open press Shift+E and 4),Switch Panel for Helipad trailer and Pilots.

Posted 2009-02-25 14:04:45 by Dirk Stuck
Project BO-105 ADAC
13.31Mb (15791 downloads)
FsX Project BO-105 ADAC vers.1.1 with Virtual Cockpit. "you find it under Rotorcraft MBB/FTBVA". BO-105 ADAC New: Emergency Doors ( Open press Shift+E and 4),Switch Panel for Helipad trailer and Pilots.

Posted 2009-02-25 14:05:23 by Dirk Stuck
'Flight Sim Nation' CH47 Chinook
9.21Mb (15509 downloads)
This uses the Boeing CH-47 Chinook By Tom Woods and Mark Adams and features the classic 'Flight Sim Nation' paint.

Posted 2009-03-02 18:44:02 by Sonic
S-55(H-19)Whirlwind Package
14.57Mb (15937 downloads)
FSX S-55(H-19)Whirlwind Package. Another batch of new freeware models by Alphasim. Includes two models and six texture sets. Complete cockpit with 2D panel/gauges and VC.The Sikorsky H-19, (also known as the S-55) was a multi-purpose helicopter used by the United States Army and United States Air Force. It was also license-built by Westland Aircraft as the Westland Whirlwind in the United Kingdom. United States Navy and Coast Guard models were designated HO4S, while those of the U.S. Marine Corps were HRS

Posted 2009-03-14 09:40:56 by Alphasim
Sri Lanka Air Force Bell206 Textures
1.32Mb (1866 downloads)
SLAF Textures for the default B206 JetRanger. Designed by Dulshan Wijayasinghe.

Posted 2009-03-16 04:53:30 by Dulshan Wijayasinghe
FSX Acceleration EH101 Flight Sim Nation Textures
2.78Mb (5296 downloads)
FSX Acceleration EH101 'Flight Sim Nation' Textures. This FSN (Virtual Airline) skin features some nice small details like our classic dirty and chipped paint job, Flight Sim Nation Pilots, Added Decals and logos,Dirt, dust, scratches, rust, muck and lower texture files for Improved FPS. Auto Installer will install the texture folder to your EH101/texture.FSN and then it will automatically open a Readme file so you can copy and paste the information to your aircraft.cfg www.flightsimnation.com

Posted 2009-03-23 00:45:45 by Sonic
Bell 206 Polk County Sheriff’s Aviation Textures
4.82Mb (1695 downloads)
Polk County Sheriff’s Aviation Textures for the default FSX Bell206 Jetranger. Repaint By Earl Triplett. Special thanks to Hugh Taylor for his technical help in this repaint he is also one of the pilots that has actually flown this aircraft to serve and protect the people of Polk County Florida.

Posted 2009-04-16 14:54:37 by Earl Triplett
Bell 206 Helicopter Club International Textures (Fixed)
3.73Mb (1111 downloads)
By request txtures for the default FSX Bell206 in the Helicopter Club International paint scheme. This file fixes a texture error in the 1st upload. Repaint By Earl Triplett.

Posted 2009-04-19 20:49:08 by Earl Triplett
FSX Bell 206B USCG Textures
4.07Mb (4160 downloads)
USCG Bell206B Textures. Fictional repaint of the default FSX Bell 206B in U.S. Coast Guard livery. Paint by Jen Galbraith. Special thanks to George A. Arana for making the repaint kit available.

Posted 2009-05-07 15:40:41 by Jen Galbraith
EC-135 Package
40.17Mb (24070 downloads)
EC-135 Package in 2 liveries. Uses the FS2004 Model Heiko Richter with VC and 2d panel updates so it will now work in FSX. All gauges replaced with FSX XML gauges. Included 2 textures sets German Rescue by Samy Fay and 'Space Ship' by Sebastian Hecker. Updated for FSX by Danny Garnier

Posted 2009-05-12 06:57:49 by GARNIER D

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