December 12, 2019
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Page 98

FS2002-FS2004 Boeing B-29 Enola Gay
15.1Mb (22316 downloads)
FS2002-FS2004 Boeing B-29 Enola Gay (Update to Enola Gayahasseye). Boeing's first atomic aircraft bomber with classic and modern panel includes a fighter HUD and Atomic nuclear Bomb . Originally developed Mr. Graham reinstrumented by ING Alex Hassey. DXF model available at request

Posted 2008-06-16 07:14:45 by
FS2004 Arado Ar196
1.82Mb (5297 downloads)
The Ar 196 was a shipboard reconnaissance aircraft built by the German firm Arado starting in 1936. The next year it was selected as the winner of a design contest, and became the standard aircraft of the Kriegsmarine throughout World War II. Includes virtual cockpit. By Alpha Simulation Freeware releases.

Posted 2008-06-18 06:54:21 by
FS2004 North American P-51D Mustang.
12.49Mb (19366 downloads)
FS2004 North American P-51D Mustang. To celebrate AlphaSim's 9th birthday they are releasing some of their classic titles for free. Panel and gauges included. Merlin sounds included. Four texture sets. By Alphasim.

Posted 2008-06-19 11:59:59 by
FS2004 Antonov An-2 SP-FAH
843.8kb (4150 downloads)
Textures only for Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's An-2 ( or
Needed files: This plane is privately owned by LFU - Peter Gabriel, a company based in Vienna/Austria. Nicknamed "Anna" she is mainly used for parachuting and panoramic flights at airshows but may also be booked for flights for special occasions. By Roman E. Krauss.

Posted 2008-06-22 13:29:51 by
FS2004 Consolidated B-24J Liberator
3.62Mb (14298 downloads)
FS2002/FS2004 Consolidated B-24J Liberator, v1.2. To celebrate AlphaSim's 9th birthday they are releasing some of their classic titles for free. Includes both B-24 D and J models. Panel and gauges are included; uses default sounds. By AlphaSim.

Posted 2008-07-04 05:44:17 by
FS2004 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII and Mk.IX Package
6.76Mb (23262 downloads)
FS2004 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII and Mk.IX Package. A complete aircraft with panel, gauges, VC and Merlin sounds. Includes two models and four textures. Freeware from Alphasim.

Posted 2008-07-05 09:51:23 by
FS2004/2002 Modernised Wright Flyer
14.69Mb (1893 downloads)
FS2004/2002 Modernised Wright Flyer. First flight aircraft with modern flight dynamics for aircarrier landing. Panel includes a fighter HUD virtual Joystick with autopilot. Updated from the default by Alex Hassey.

Posted 2008-07-09 07:48:52 by
Junkers Ju87-B
1.87Mb (11473 downloads)
Aircraft Simulator's Junkers Ju-87B-2 'Stuka' German dive bomber Ju-87B of 6./StG 77, Graz/Austria, April 1941. The word 'Stuka' was enough to terrify the most battle hardened soldier in the beginning of World War II. Incredibly accurate and with sirens added to terrify, the Ju87 Stuka was at the forefront of the blitzgrieg. However, in the Battle of Britain, they were mauled to a point where they were withdrawn within weeks of the beginning of the Battle. Transfered to the Mediterranean theatre, it found new life in attacking shipping and in support of the Afrika Korps. It survived for a while in Russia, providing there was adequate air support. Slow, cumbersome and poor manouverability, it soldiered on till late 1944.

Posted 2008-07-16 18:59:27 by
USAF T-6 Texan
4.09Mb (7266 downloads)
This is a USAF T-6 Texan for FS9, and it may work for FSX (?). This is a repaint of Denis da Silva’s T6 for Flight Simulator 2004 .. This paint scheme is a T 6-G Model T A – 915 USAF colors Included are some historical photos and History ..Textures by Mark Rooks. Texture Created by Mark "fire Ball" Rooks. I would like to thank Denis and Daniel da Silva for creating this awesome freeware model. Please read the readme file for installation instructions.

Posted 2008-07-16 19:13:23 by
De Havilland DH93
8.56Mb (2671 downloads)
FS2004. De Havilland DH93 'Don' A multi-role, three-seat trainer which, after trials at Martlesham Heath, was relegated for use as a Communications aircraft mainly by No. 24 Sqdn." First flight in June 1937. Ver.0.1, By Edward Cook

Posted 2008-07-17 06:34:20 by

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