September 22, 2019
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Page 11

Revised F-86H Sabre Textures
2.63Mb (876 downloads)
These are replacements for the FU-298 and NY ANG SEA Camo textures that came with Tango_Romeo's, tr_f86h Sabre. Just delete the old and replace with these. Thanks to TR, Tom Sanford for this aircraft. Thanks and sorry for the confusion with the originals. Bub (Bob McGee)

Posted 2009-10-01 23:08:09 by Bob McGee
Italian Pilot Effects
402.58kb (534 downloads)
These wave files were taken from the Italian Radio Chatter package and modified. I like them so much I use them in my American install and pretend my pilot is an Italian immigrant. I got the Idea from Nibbio's PilotKill effects. I always loved his effects, but I think these are slightly more realistic. I love it when a pilot is wounded and you hear him cry "Mio Dio!" (my God). The intent of these sound files is to increase player immersion by providing more feedback whenever the player, a friend, or a foe is injured or shot down. Dandolo513 recorded the originals.

Posted 2009-10-26 03:07:31 by Ed Rufle
Avon Sabre, CA-27 RAAF
4.67Mb (1289 downloads)
This is a conversion of the latest upgrade of the Fox Four F-86E to the Avon Sabre. The Avon CA-27 varied from the standard Sabre in her armament of 30mm Aden cannon and her higher thrust engine. The texture is by BUB, AKA Bob McGee. An alternate skin is included in the Green Texture folder. Sound is aliased to Lear45 which is included in the download. Please read the panel instructions in order to fully utilize the complex multi-screen panel. Functioning droptanks are also included.

Posted 2009-10-27 21:51:11 by Tom Sanford
Williamtown Airbase
104.87kb (603 downloads)
This file contains a simple scenery addon which gives you an authentic Australian base at Williamtown. This base can be used in WWII and modern scenarios. Williamtown is the closest airbase to the Allies main fleet anchorage in the southwest Pacific.

Posted 2009-10-27 22:18:56 by Tom Sanford
Blended Airfields
430.65kb (553 downloads)
Translucent and Transparent Grass Textures for Steve McClelland's Far East Scenery Package and Williamtown RAAF Scenery, but they can be used in any scenery package by simply renaming the files appropriately. These were created by Kelticheart for the purpose of 'blending' the airfields in older non-GSL scenery into the parent scenery more effectively. I am just doing the posting on these with Kelti's blessing. Tom Sanford, Tango_Romeo, Whether you use the translucent grass textures, which still outline the grass area of each airfield, but in a 'blended' way, or chose the transparent textures for the 'no grass' look(my preference), you will find that your old airfields take on a new look of realism. This is freeware and subject to then normal conditions. Installation is simple for the Far East and Williamtown. Simply paste the appropriate texture files into the texture folders for each scenery package. Backup your originals in case you want them later.

Posted 2009-10-27 22:22:24 by Tom Sanford
B-25C Cherokee Queen
1.32Mb (1153 downloads)
This is yet another skin for TR's B-25C/D....available here on page 5. It's a simple drop-in texture folder to replace the original in your TR_B25cv aircraft folder.

Posted 2009-10-30 04:04:01 by Tom Sanford
P-39 Skins
1.43Mb (544 downloads)
Two US Skins for the Stock CFS2 P-39. The zip contains two US textures, one without (Texture) the 8/11 Corbra insignia and one wtih (Texture2. Whether you fly the stocker or just use it as an AI in missions, she can use some new threads.

Posted 2009-11-01 02:17:06 by Tom Sanford
Fokker-D17 Package
5.01Mb (566 downloads)
CFS2 Fokker D.XVII A Fokker build fighter for the Dutch L.VA, (Aviation section of the Dutch Army) as a replacement for the D.VII's. First flight 1932, Only 11 were build and they became obsolete short before the outbrake of war. Although a few were used to attack the invading German Forces. Textures by Wim Regeer using templates by Huub Vink. Aircraft design and flight dynamics Wim Regeer. CFS2 conversion by Pedro Paulo Rezende

Posted 2009-11-01 12:51:54 by wim regeer
Fleet Oiler
186.72kb (860 downloads)
This is a generic WWII armed fleet oiler which can be used in any navy. It is multi-LOD for high FPS. To install simply extract the ZIP file and place Fleet_Oiler folder in your CFS2/Ships folder. This model also has navigation lights for night missions.

Posted 2009-12-05 00:25:30 by Tom Sanford
B-26B-9 Marauder
2.47Mb (1390 downloads)
This is an early-block B model B-26 prior to the addition of the longer wings and taller tail. She is multi-LOD, comes complete with crew figures, panel, gauges and weapons. AIR file by 1%. Weapons are by Dbolt; crew by Martin Wright. The 26 is a tempermental aircraft and it takes some experience to master her flight characteristics. IMPORTANT: The use of elevator trim and flaps are critical in flying the B-26 successfully. There is a complete set of mousable trim controls on the fuel panel. Get to know your panel screens This aircraft bears the colors of "Cindy" 444thBS, 320th BG, N Africa, 1942, Pilot Lt Art Johnson painted by James Peach (Sopwith Chameleon). The B was developed from Bismarck13's (William Dickens) original A model source file. Special thanks to Bis for it's use. Special thanks are also due Sopwith for, rather that is inspiring me to do this project. ;) Aircraft model, DP and CFG by myself, skin by Sopwith Chameleon (James Peach),panel by Bismarck13 (William Dickens). Additional skins are available at Sopwith's CFS2 Paintshop: Installation: Unzip the package and place all files in the corresponding folders of your CFS2 main directory. This is freeware but must not be uploaded to other sites, modified in anyway without permission, or used in any way for monetary gain. Enjoy!

Posted 2009-12-13 21:35:03 by Tom Sanford

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