July 3, 2020
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FSX/FS2004 Ilyushin IL-96-300 and IL-96-400
66.52Mb (46063 downloads)
This package will give you an IL-96-300 and IL-96-400. Both have a dynamic VC and panel. This aircraft is for both FSX and Fs2004, but to get the VC in FSX, you have to download my FSX panel for the Il-96. The sound is aliased to Emil Serafino Jr.s' 747 sound. Aircraft by Kirill Konovalov, uploaded by Ismail Zayan Shakeeb.

Posted 2008-07-14 01:57:04 by
FSX ilyushin Il-96 panel
6.46Mb (19845 downloads)
For use with the FS2004/FSX Ilyushin Il-96, (see link). By Kirill Konovalov, uploaded by Ismail Zayan Shakeeb
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/?type=item&ID=60&page=5

Posted 2008-07-14 02:14:04 by
FSX/FS2004 A319-100 Volaris
4.54Mb (23254 downloads)
A319-100 Volaris. iFDG is proud to present the Airbus A319. The aircraft model includes most of the standard features including animated control surfaces, wingviews, flaps, full lighting configuration, and highly detailed, reflective textures and tail damaged sticker. This model was designed for both FS9 and FSX. Repaint: Francisco Pichardo

Posted 2008-07-14 18:05:58 by
FSX/FS2004 Douglas DC-8 Andes
3.15Mb (17267 downloads)
This is a DC-8 Andes that will work for FSX, FS9, and FS 2002. Please read the readme file for all of the credits, checklist, and more! Features: Full 32 sided fuselage with double-lobe cross section construction. 32 sided 3D engines featuring 2-speed N1 fan animation. Landing and taxi lights. Animated primary and secondary control surfaces. Hi-speed/low-speed split ailerons. Animated landing gear, includes all working door details. 3D wheel wells. Ground activated spoilers. 3D cargo compartment with working door. Specially coded to provide the maximum FS night lighting effects possible. Please note that the DC-8 has no leading edge slats.

Posted 2008-07-14 18:40:03 by
Lockheed L-1011-500 Flying Hospital
1.75Mb (26840 downloads)
This is a Lockheed L-1011-500 Flying Hospital designed for FSX and FS9, but it may work in FS2002 also.Operation Blessing commissioned The Flying Hospital, a specially equipped L1011 jet aircraft in 1996. Through September 2000 the aircraft provided facilities for world-class medical/surgical services to thousands of people in developing countries and disaster-stricken areas. In light of rising terrorist attacks and world conflict, it was decided first to record the plane as non-american, and it was later decided that Operation Blessing wouldn't use The Flying Hospital on further missions. Today the plane is stored in Tucson (TUS), Arizona. Model by Mike Stone, Repainted by Alejandro Hurtado.

Posted 2008-07-14 18:50:49 by
FSX Qantas (new colors) Boeing 787-8
1.75Mb (8161 downloads)
FSX Qantas (new colors) Boeing 787-8. Including a different new Animated Ground Servicing (AGS) . Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette

Posted 2008-07-17 06:39:55 by
FSX Qantas (new colors) Boeing 787-9
1.7Mb (11035 downloads)
FSX Qantas (new colors) Boeing 787-9. Including a different new Animated Ground Servicing (AGS) . Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette

Posted 2008-07-17 06:46:24 by
Virgin Blue Embraer 190-LR
12.12Mb (19250 downloads)
FSX Embraer 190-LR of Virgin Blue Airlines. 98-114 seat regional airliner. Full package for FSX. Compatible with Acceleration/SP2 By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May, Kevin Pardy and Danny Crance - Premier Aircraft Design.

Posted 2008-07-18 17:18:23 by
Singapore Airlines 777-300
6.32Mb (25498 downloads)
Meljet 777-300,I have made this available for FSX,uses the defaualt 737-800 panel and sound

Posted 2008-07-20 22:52:07 by
Boeing 767-400 Delta
12.5Mb (31805 downloads)
Delta Airlines 767-400 from Project Opensky,uses the default 737-800 panel and sound,uploaded by Mahin Khandaker

Posted 2008-07-20 23:04:30 by

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