January 19, 2020
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Bellanca Scout Package
21.74Mb (15253 downloads)
Long Island Classics (LIC) Bellanca Scout Standard & Tundra tires Updated By Nor-Cal Prop Club

Posted 2009-01-23 22:02:32 by Ted.T
LIC Aeronca Champ 7AC Package
13.37Mb (9778 downloads)
FSX/Acceleration/XP Tested Aeronca Champ 7AC Package A two seat, tandem configuration, golden age trainer aircraft that is fully spinnable features 4 custom paint jobs, . Features full moving parts By the Long Island Classics Design Team. Sounds by Aaron Swindle. Happy Flying!! Updated For FSX By Nor-Cal Prop Club

Posted 2009-01-24 14:57:18 by Ted.T
Angel 44 STOL Aircraft
652.23kb (4023 downloads)
This is an update for FSX acceleration of the Angel 44 by Mike Stone. The Angel is a STOL aircraft designed for performance in rough, unimproved, short airstrips. It is rugged and easily maintained. That is a desirable feature for bush type operations. I have updated the flight dynamics and changed gauges on the panel so it works in FSX. This is the whole aircraft. No virtual cockpit. Bob Chicilo.

Posted 2009-01-30 03:39:49 by Bob Chicilo
Default Cessna 172 Alternative Internal Views
119.71kb (2919 downloads)
Two new views for the default Cessna 172 for FSX. The new views allow you to see out the back windows better. By Andrew McGowin.

Posted 2009-01-30 23:02:40 by Andrew McGowin
AN-2T & AN-2 V Floats Package
0b (12500 downloads)
WSK-PZL Mielec (Antonov) AN-2V & Antonov AN-2T HA-ANP Wheels & Floats full ani's,including drooping ailerons, cargo/pax doors, and cowlflaps, full VC. Model by By Tim Conrad. Updated for FSX/ACCELERATION/XP Many updates including custom sound & much more by Nor-Cal Prop Club

Posted 2009-02-01 03:22:43 by Ted.T
Cessna TL-19 Bird Dog U.S. Army Orange Package
11.9Mb (6766 downloads)
This is Massimo Taccoli FSX Cessna TL-19 Bird Dog Painted in High Visibility Orange. This U.S. Army Cessna TL-19 Bird Dog Instrument Trainer was Based at the U.S. Army Aviation facility at Fort Rucker Al. from the late 50's till 1962 Modifications and textures by Mark Rooks of RSDG Aircraft

Posted 2009-02-01 14:51:08 by Mark Rooks
JDT MiniMax Package
16.56Mb (7247 downloads)
MiniMax for FSX. JDT MiniMax. This fabulous little Sport Pilot Airplane was designed by Wayne Ison. It is a wood framed Airplane that is covered with cloth and painted.I built this model when I was learning Gmax. I always liked the MiniMax design, and it seemed like a simple enough model on which to try out newly learned Gmax skills. Lots of people patiently answered questions from me as things went along, and giving this model to the community is just a small way to say thanks. By Flight Replicas.

Posted 2009-02-02 06:03:45 by Flight Replicas
AASA L-049 Constellation Textures
2.06Mb (1867 downloads)
FSX/FS9 ASAS textures only for FSDZign L-049 Constellation. These textures depict PP-PDH which was originally operated by Panair Do Brazil. This aircraft was painted in the colors of ASAS but never operated by them. It was broken up in 1974.
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/static.php?ID=88&page=17

Posted 2009-02-03 15:51:29 by Gary Harper
Piper Arrow 3 Package Update
78.81kb (2780 downloads)
This is an update for FSX Acceleration of the Piper Arrow 3 package by Warren Baier. I have updated the flight dynamics and changed the panel to all default gauges, and taken the autopilot out of the radio stack and given it a window of its own. Most of the virtual cockpit gauges are not clickable, but they do work other than that. You need the original aircraft for this update to work. Bob Chicilo.
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/sta ..

Posted 2009-02-04 16:11:28 by Bob Chicilo
Cessna 172 "Redflame" Textures
3.81Mb (1065 downloads)
This is a repaint of the default C172 in a fictional repaint. I'd also like to note that this is te first time I release a repaint with a AC Repaint Logo in the cockpit a preview is with it, the logo is just on the blank side on the C172 cockpit and can be replaced with the normal texure found in the default Texture under C172_C_2.... By Anthony Celentano

Posted 2009-02-07 00:10:42 by Anthony Celentano

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