November 19, 2018
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3.42Mb (3625 downloads)
Arizona Air National Guard (ANG) Viper Tail flashes. This package contains "tail textures only" to represent the 162nd Fighter Wing, 152nd Fighter Squadron (FS) F-16C/D vipers. This squadron may fly out of Tuscon International Airport. The C version includes the ANG AFRC (Air Force Reserve Command) Training Falcon. The excellent "C" model viper by Kirk Olsson may be obtained here at The excellent "D" model viper by Kirk Olsson may be obtained here at File size is 3.41 MB.
Needed files:

Posted 2008-08-16 18:00:36 by Dana Eng
F-22 Blue Angels textures
584.13kb (3320 downloads)
This is textures only. Its a repaint of the Iris ex-payware F-22 Package.
Needed files:

Posted 2008-08-16 19:37:16 by Costa
Dassault Mirage III R + VC
12.46Mb (18558 downloads)
FS2004 / FSX Dassault Mirage III R with virtual cockpit, full package with 3 liveries, by Patrice Grange. The Mirage III is the emblematic French Fighter of the sixties. This new package contains 3 different Mirage III R (reco version): French Air Force, Swiss Air Force and Silver Prototype. This package is complete and stand-alone. The models have full moving parts and animations (control surfaces, gears, spoilers, canopy, pilot ejection, dragchute, rocket cover, pilot ladder, guns, ...) + a complete virtual cockpit + a custom 2D panel. Fully compatible with both FS2004 and FSX (SP2). Designed by Patrice Grange.

Posted 2008-08-27 16:32:11 by Patrice Grange
Repaints of the Acceleration FA-18
5.8Mb (5457 downloads)
four Repaints of the FSX Accelerattion FA-18Hornet 2x VFA-14 Tophatters 2x VFA-122 Flying Eagles I'd take the white livery of the FA-18 for the Repaints

Posted 2008-08-29 07:01:12 by Jan M.
FA-18 Super Hornet VFA-122 Flying Eagles Textures
2.67Mb (6615 downloads)
FA-18 Super Hornet VFA-122 Flying Eagles Textures only. Requires the original Team KBT FA-18 Needed files:

Posted 2008-08-29 11:17:43 by logan stone
A-7 Corsair II USN VA-12 Attack Squadron
10.84Mb (8240 downloads)
This is a Repaint of Kazunori Ito's A-7 Corsair II Modified For Flight Simulator X. This Aircraft is painted in United States Navy VA-12 Attack Squadron colors . includes a new panel working tailhook , folding wings and a afterburner effect. Textures and Updates by Mark Rooks of RSDG Aircraft.. This Package Includes Pictures and VA-12 squadron history..

Posted 2008-08-30 03:56:10 by Mark Rooks
FSX Su-47 Berkut Package
7.85Mb (24333 downloads)
Updated & modified from Fs9 freeware version using stock FSX gauges, freeware gauges, and COP3 Carrier Pack gauges by Rob Barendregt, Doug Dawson, and Nick Needham. Working VC, throttle controlled A/B, Sonic boom,tail hook and launch bar. Also includes 2 repaints and paint kit by:Pierre lheureux. FSX update by Shane Griffith.

Posted 2008-09-02 10:26:51 by Shane Griffith
FSX Acceleration F/A-18A Galm and BlackOps Textures
2.59Mb (3454 downloads)
Textures only for the FSX Acceleration F18, in Ace Combat 0 Galm Team livery and Black Ops livery.

Posted 2008-09-03 14:44:37 by Rick Verhoog AKA Boeman1995
F18A Texture Pack
9.22Mb (6734 downloads)
For FSX Acceleration Pack 5 Repaints of the F-18A VFA-37 Ragin Bulls CAG,VFA-83 Rampagers CAG (JFK),VFA-97 Warhawks CAG,VFA-131 Wildcats CAG and VFA-137 Kestrels Textures only intended as freeware. by Tom Krekeler

Posted 2008-09-04 18:34:34 by Tom Krekeler
F14 Tomcat VF-33
9.1Mb (35103 downloads)
This is a repaint of Dino Cattaneo's ís Gmax F-14 Model reworked by Jeff Dubbing. This repaint is based on two VF-33 Starfighters aircraft. AC#200, 'Nuts' as it was known, plus AC #201.

Posted 2008-09-05 20:14:28 by Earl Triplett

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