January 28, 2020
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FSX/FS2004 Severe Wing Fire Effect
2.09Mb (5132 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 severe wing fire effect. This is made for the FSX/FS9 Default Boeing 747-400 but you can use it for other aircraft. Includes Big wing fire and Small wing fire effect. NOTE-*Not tested in FSX but should work* By Claudio Pizzirani

Posted 2010-06-07 04:58:50 by Claudio Pizzirani
RealEngine v1.1 - Realistic Piston Engine Enhancement
644.79kb (3616 downloads)
RealEngine v1.1 is an xml gauge set for piston engine aircraft that fail aircraft engines and systems if operating limitations recommended by the POH are exceeded. - Engine runs rough/fails if limitations for engine power, MP, RPM, mixture, CHT or oil temperature are exceeded. - Engine runs rough with over-rich or over-lean mixture. - Spark plug can foul. - Gear and flaps can fail due to overspeed. Supports multi-engine aircraft. The modules can be individually activated/deactivated and fully tailored to individual aircraft. For FS2004/FSX. By Gunter Teson1.

Posted 2010-06-16 05:58:40 by Gunter Teson
SKY-8 Beta Sky Carrier
6.03Mb (3824 downloads)
Sky-8 is the Beta version of the flying carrier. It has two 3000' runways, three helipads, and numerous other landing spots.

Posted 2010-06-27 17:45:13 by George Venturini
Pilotable IKE Nimitz Carrier X4
27.16Mb (7217 downloads)
This is the FSX Nimitz carrier converted so it is now pilotable. Thanks to Bruce Fizgerald.

Posted 2010-06-29 16:25:01 by Jason
Pilotable IKE Nimitz Package Ver 2
67.88Mb (6485 downloads)
This is Javier Fernandez Updated IKE Nimitz Ver 2 as a pilotable craft. 11 shiops in total. Many thanks to Javier for this wonderful product.

Posted 2010-07-03 05:48:51 by Hotzoner
Cessna L19 Bird Dog Static plane for FSX
2.09Mb (769 downloads)
This is the Cessna L19 Brid Dog for FSX to be used as a static plane in your scenery. The model comes in one texture (US ARMY). In the file you will find one model, a library of the Cessna L19 and the texture. You can put the plane anywhere in FSX with any object placement tool. The plane was made in Gmax by Guy Diotte and the texture also by Guy Diotte.

Posted 2010-07-07 15:26:49 by Guy Diotte
Static Scenery Object Santos Dumont Demoiselle for FSX
5.97Mb (879 downloads)
This is the Static Demoiselle plane made by Santos Dumont for FSX. This plane comes in one model (Original) as MDL and also in a library. You can put the plane anywhere in FSX with any object placement tool. The model comes from the Gmax site as a free model and was completely remodelled by Guy Diotte.

Posted 2010-07-13 14:53:11 by Guy Diotte
Locked, Fixed Spot
1.87kb (1075 downloads)
MY own simple custom camera setting that adds a locked version of Fixed spot where the camera dosent face the same part of the aircraft but the same heading!

Posted 2010-07-19 18:06:16 by George Galloway
RQ-4B Global Hawk FSX Static Scenery Object
624.64kb (995 downloads)
This is the RQ-4B Global Hawk static plane for FSX. The plane comes in a library and as a model (MDL). You can put the static RQ-4B anywhere in your scenery with any object placement tool. This plane is made in Gmax by Guy Diotte and the texture also by Guy Diotte.

Posted 2010-07-29 16:26:28 by Guy Diotte
3D C130 Snapshots
16.41Mb (1059 downloads)
Four, 3D Snapshots of the U.S.A.F. C130 "Spectre". Simple Card 3D Glasses required to view correctly. FSX Multiplayer 3D Highly recommended. (Thumbnail is just 2D)

Posted 2010-07-31 20:03:05 by HOTZONER

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