March 21, 2019
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Page 194

Bombardier Dash8-Q400 Package
25.27Mb (11148 downloads)
This aircraft is another success story for Bombardier, it is well liked by airlines and passengers. On short haul routes the Q400 combines the gate to gate journey times of a jet with the lower operating costs of a turboprop. 75 seat advanced twin turbo-prop regional airliner. All new model with full moving parts, doors with airstair and animated pilots. Accurate and pleasant flight dynamics. Fully modelled interior. Full documentation including manuals and check/ref lists. Custom panel and VC with digital (glass cockpit) gauges, custom sounds. Complete package for FS2004. Three liveries included, Flybe (UK), Horizon & Qantas Airlink. More liveries and paint kit available soon on By Jean-Pierre Brisard and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design.

Posted 2010-02-26 08:49:48 by
FS2004 De Havilland DH80a Wood Grain Textures
3.96Mb (657 downloads)
De Havilland DH80a wood grain textures. Textures only for the De Havilland DH80a Puss Moth by Milton Shupe. Textures by Ingo Schwan.
Needed files:

Posted 2010-02-27 09:48:05 by Ingo Schwan
De Havilland DHC-3 Otter PZL Simviation Textures
1.45Mb (683 downloads)
This is a repaint (textures only) of Eugene Heyart's De Havilland DHC-3 Otter PZL in Simviation colors with logo. You must have the original file available at This is freeware only. Thanks to Eugene for his excellent work.
Needed files:

Posted 2010-03-02 15:43:45 by L.T. 'patchz' Davis
Tango GT II Anguilla Air Services
4.19Mb (5404 downloads)
Tango GT II Anguilla Air Services. Original Ultralight model by Federico L. Morcillo Azafra and Laura M. Celis Santiago. Complete aircraft with handdrawn textures. By Ingo Schwan.

Posted 2010-03-05 14:05:43 by Ingo Schwan
SimViation De Havilland DHC-3 Otter PZL wheeled Textures
1004.9kb (571 downloads)
This is a Simviation theme repaint (textures only) of Eugene Heyart's De Havilland DHC-3 Otter PZL, wheeled version.
Needed files:

Posted 2010-03-09 10:01:43 by L.T. 'patchz' Davis
Piper PA18 Super Cub Nuttin Textures
271.5kb (563 downloads)
This is a repaint (textures only) of J.E.Narcizo's Piper PA18 Super Cub. You must have the original model
Needed files:

Posted 2010-03-10 01:06:33 by L.T. 'patchz' Davis
Steve Fossett Tribute Bellanca Super Decathlon Textures Only
1.22Mb (962 downloads)
This is a repaint or palette shift (textures only) of Long Island Classics (LIC) Bellanca Super Decathlon 8KCAB as a tribute to Steve Fossett. This is the original factory paint job of Steve's aircraft and the same ATC ID #. You must have the original model
Needed files: This is freeware only. Thanks to LIC for their excellent work. Hope you enjoy it. L.T. 'patchz' Davis

Posted 2010-03-10 23:20:43 by L.T. 'pacthz' Davis
FS2004/FSX Super King Air 300 St. Maarten Diving Club
36.01Mb (3253 downloads)
Super King Air 300 St. Maarten Diving Club. This is a complete aircraft. Original aircraft by Allied FS Group (AFG) Textures by Ingo Schwan.

Posted 2010-03-13 04:12:36 by Ingo Schwan
Grumman AA-5B, G-BCEP realworld repaint #08
4.09Mb (1097 downloads)
This is repaint #08 in my Real World series of repaints for the excellent Grumman AA-5B by Tim "Piglet" Conrad. This aircraft is a 1974 AA5, serial number AA5-0576 based in the UK with the registration G-BCEP. I've modified the VC cockpit and 2D cockpit textures to display the plane registration correctly. All other textures are untouched. To use this aircraft repaint you will need the original Grumman AA-5B by Tim Conrad ( Includes the second fuel tank fix

Posted 2010-03-17 08:20:31 by John O'Leary
Airtourer 115 'Miss Jacy'
4.49Mb (1250 downloads)
FS2004 Airtourer 115 'Miss Jacy' Kiwis are a bird that can't fly, but in 1969 Cliff Tait showed the world that one Kiwi could fly. Airtourer aircraft with custom animations, gauges & textures by Frat Bros Design for Cliff Tait and Ian Thatch

Posted 2010-03-17 18:28:38 by Nigel Booth

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