July 10, 2020
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Page 192

B-58 Hustler update
1.75Mb (4968 downloads)
This is an update, the third I think, for FS9 of the B-58 Hustler by JRLucariny. I have added all the wheels, added smoke effects that don't need to be in the lights section, changed the burner part of the afterburners, and changed the flight dynamics a bit. This is the whole aircraft. No virtual cockpit.

Posted 2010-05-08 10:51:04 by Bob Chicilo
Hawker Hunter Miss Demeanour Textures
850.66kb (1405 downloads)
Hawker Hunter Miss Demeanour Textures only for Dave Garwoods Hawker Hunter. Painted by Stephen Browning
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/sta ..

Posted 2010-05-14 14:26:24 by stephen browning
FS2004 Alphasim AC-130 Gunship 25 Millimeter Gun Effect
8.87Mb (4702 downloads)
Specifically designed for the freeware Alphasim AC-130 Gunship in the link below. By Claudio Pizzirani AC-130 Gunship.
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/?ID ..

Posted 2010-05-16 02:58:03 by Claudio Pizzirani
FS2004/FSX AC-130/ C-130 Flare Effect
20.72Mb (4779 downloads)
AC-130/C-130 flare effect. You can use this with any aircraft but it is designed for the AC-130/C-130. Will work in FSX. Original effect by Tim South By Claudio Pizzirani

Posted 2010-05-22 01:41:24 by Claudio Pizzirani
FS2004/FSX F-16 Arkansas Razorback Textures
5.45Mb (1487 downloads)
Textures only for the F-16 Viper by Kirk Olsson. This F-16 of the 'Flying Razorbacks' was based at Fort Smith Arkansas. Aircraft not included; requires USVIPER.ZIP file. Repainted by R.E. Wyman.
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/static.php?ID=86&page=2
FSX Version here: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/?ID=64&page=22&mark=5050

Posted 2010-06-06 03:06:26 by R.E. Wyman
OV-10D Bronco Venezuela Air Force
5.29Mb (2311 downloads)
Twin Turboprop FAC/COIN aircraft designed in late '60's for USAF, and also USMC and Navy. Also used by Morocco, Thailand, Columbia, Indonesia, Venezuela, and the Philippines.This is a ov-10 of Venezuela air force, Model by Tim Piglet Conrad, texture by Gustavo La Cruz (Note: requires a zip utility such as Izarc - default Windows will report as invalid)

Posted 2010-06-13 23:28:12 by Gustavo La Cruz
F-16B Fighting Falcon FAV
12.44Mb (5500 downloads)
This is the F-16B Fighting Falcon with color of Venezuela air force, model by Kirk Olsson, 2d Panel by Eric Marciano, texture by Gustavo La Cruz (Note: requires a zip utility such as Izarc - default Windows will report as invalid)

Posted 2010-06-14 02:17:07 by Gustavo La Cruz
Avro 730 Bomber
2.86Mb (2648 downloads)
FS2002/FS2004 Avro 730 bomber. This is a bomber with the performance of Mach 2.5 that the avro Co. in Britain planned. Two forms of type 1 with eight engines and type 2 with four engines were designed. However, both are ended only in the plan. This model is type 1 with eight engines. by Kazunori Ito

Posted 2010-06-15 05:25:02 by Kazunori Ito
Philippine Air Force GAF Nomad N-22B
2.24Mb (1403 downloads)
FS2004 Philippine Air Force GAF Nomad N22 no. 87 223rd Tactical Airlift Squadron (Nomads), 220th Airlift Wing, GAF Nomad N-22B no.87 aircraft CAMO version based in Mactan Benito Ebuen Airbase, Mactan island, Cebu, Philippines. N-22B Nomad Missionmaster - utilize for VIP, logistical transport and intel-recon flights. This is the aircraft were we took a flight from Iloilo, stopping by Bacolod dropping a officer took off and refuelled in Mactan Air Base before proceeding to Zamboanga Edwin Bautista Airbase. This Panel.cfg file created by FS Panel Studio - by Mike Hill I would like to thank: Kim P. Staneart, Graphic Arts O. K. Designs,Aircraft model and air file. No VC. Repainted by: Gerard "Gerry" Olvis Cebu, Philippines

Posted 2010-06-18 08:35:16 by Gerard G. Olvis
Philippine Air Force GAF Nomad VC cockpit, panel, & effects update
476.13kb (1378 downloads)
FS2004 Philippine Air Force GAF N-22 Nomad PANEL,EFFECTS & GAUGES update (original aircraft above) UPDATE for Philippine Air Force 220th Airlift Wing GAF Nomad N-22A series aircraft VIRTUAL COCKPIT (VC). Just follow Readme instructions. This Panel & Panel.cfg file by Mike Hill & Kim P. Staneart Aircraft model & file: Kim P. Staneart Update by: Gerard G. Olvis

Posted 2010-06-19 02:10:15 by gERA

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