December 10, 2019
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Page 194

Mystere IVA Package
43.51Mb (7292 downloads)
FS2004 Mystere IVA v1.0. The MD454 Mystere IVA was a fighter developed and produced from 1953 by the French company Avions Marcel Dassault (AMD). It was an evolution of the Ouragan and MystereII with however major aerodynamic changes to improve transonic performance. It was the first French supersonic fighter even if the passage of sound barrier could be obtained only through a slight dive. It was used by the French Air Force as well as India and Israel. By Andre Chancel and the Restauravia team.

Posted 2010-07-20 19:27:04 by Andre Chancel
US Navy DeHavilland DHC-4 Caribou
1.14Mb (3029 downloads)
A repaint of Mike Stone's excellent DeHavilland in US Navy Grey. Features a panel by John Rushby-Smith and Barry Magann, and improved flight dynamics by Jerry Allen that makes the model fly more like an actual Caribou. Repaint by Don Brynelsen.

Posted 2010-07-29 15:20:42 by Don Brynelsen
FS2002/2004 Marine DeHavilland C7 Textures
117.78kb (1088 downloads)
Repaint textures for Mike Stone's C7 depicting an aircraft used by the U.S. Marine Corps. Repaint by Don Brynelsen
Needed files:

Posted 2010-08-02 12:40:47 by Don Brynelsen
FS2002/2004 DHC-4 Caribou Polar Supply Plane Textures
128.01kb (800 downloads)
Repaint textures for Mike Stone's Caribou depicting the Kee Bird II, an Air Force Plane supplying Polar bases. Textures only, requires Mike's full model (above). Repaint by Don Brynelsen
Needed files:

Posted 2010-08-06 11:16:26 by Don Brynelsen
FS2002/2004 Army Red Tail Caribou Textures
350.58kb (792 downloads)
Based on a photograph, these repaint textures for the Caribou by Mike Stone depict an unusual Army livery. Textures only, you need a copy of Mike's aircraft to use (above). Repaint by Don Brynelsen
Needed files:

Posted 2010-08-06 11:20:00 by Don Brynelsen
FSX/FS9 Boeing 2707-SST Nuclear powered bomber
8.21Mb (3422 downloads)
FSX/FS9 Boeing 2707-SST Nuclear powered bomber Original model by Kazunori Ito. No VC. Textures By Claudio Pizzirani

Posted 2010-08-12 05:57:42 by Claudio Pizzirani
FS2004 F-11F Blue Angels Textures
2.79Mb (1151 downloads)
Textures only for the F-11F Tiger by Capt. Italo D'Attomo and Capt. Giovanni Quai. Aircraft not included; requires F11 Tiger zip file. These textures are made to give the original aircraft a freshly painted appearance. The instrument panel has also been lowered for an improved view from the cockpit. Repainted by R.E. Wyman.
Needed files:

Posted 2010-08-31 23:09:36 by R.E. Wyman
Philippine Air Force Northrop Grumman F-5A
40.52Mb (6510 downloads)
FS2004 DSB Freeware - NORTHROP F-5A Philippine Air Force 6th Tactical Fighter Squadron Liveries The F-5 Freedom Fighter, a supersonic fighter combining low cost, ease of maintenance, and great versatility. More than 2,000 F-5 aircraft have been procured by the USAF for use by allied nations. The F-5, which resembles the USAF Northrop T-38 trainer, is suitable for various types of ground-support and aerial intercept missions.MULTI-ROLE By DSB Design. Repacked by Keith Moore Thanks to Komiks of PFSG for the other PAF Liveries. Original Aircraft by David S.Brice, D (2005) Config update by Miško for F-5A Freedom Fighter by Tim Conrad Repainted & compiled by Gerard G. Olvis

Posted 2010-09-04 14:35:27 by Gerard G. Olvis
Philippine Air Force Rockwell OV-10A "Broncho" Package
6.3Mb (2942 downloads)
Philippine Air Force repaint package for Tim Conrad's OV-10A V2 models. Whole aircraft includes VC. Repaints by Bernie Stockwell. This package contains 3RD Philippine Air Force livery repaint of Tim Conrad's OV-10A V2 aircraft ranging from the mid 1990s to the present day. * 15th Strike Wing, 16th Strike Squadron OV-10, Danielo Atienza Air Base (RPLS) * 3rd Tactical Operations Wing, Tactical Operations Group 9, Edwin Andrews Air Base (RPMZ) Multi-role : Close Air Support (CAS), Counter Insurgency (COIN), Recon, Forward Air Control (FAC), Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Crew: 2 pilots Max speed: 244 kts. Range: 198nm radius Armaments: Internal: 4x 7.62mm M60C MG Hardpoints: 7 Max Weapon load: 3,600 lbs. Load : AIM-9 AAM, Mk 80, FFAR pods, Gun pods, External Fuel tanks. Features: Twin boom tail; podded fuselage; Engine: 2x Garrett T76 turboprops; fuselage stores sponsons NOTE: While these repaints are generally accurate and based of as many photos as I could find I did exercise some artistic licence. CREDITS: A huge thanks to Tim Conrad for the excellent model and the base texture which I used to do these repaints. Also thanks to Martin Wright for the freeware image conversion tool DXT/BMP. Repaint created with PSP8. Compiled by: Gerard G. Olvis

Posted 2010-09-11 19:24:16 by Gerard G. Olvis
F-14 GI JOE Skystriker
2.61Mb (3321 downloads)
FS2002/2004 Grumman F-14B Tomcat "GIJOE SKYSTRIKER". An accurate Gmax model with full moving parts and photoreal textures. 2D panel included. Original 3D Gmax model by Jeff Dobbing. Gmax model rework, panel, etc. F-14 by Dino Cattaneo. Texture by Joao H B Leitao.

Posted 2010-09-13 23:52:29 by Joao H. B. Leitao

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