December 10, 2019
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FS2004 UKMIL Boeing Vertol 234
12.88Mb (19211 downloads)
this pack includes the ukmil Boeing Civilian Chinook called the Vertol234 it comes with 1 model and 3 texture sets only, PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED PDF FOR INSTRUCTIONS AND CONTRIBUTIONS

Posted 2008-07-20 08:23:41 by
Hughes 500D San Diego County Sheriffs Department
11.78Mb (5856 downloads)
This is a repaint of one of the Hughes 500Ds currently used by the San Diego County Sheriffs Department (A.S.T.R.E.A.) based at Gillespie Field. It has great textures. The cockpit has been repainted as well. It has been tested in FSX and works just fine! Repainted by: Brandon Filer

Posted 2008-07-26 22:52:58 by
RAF Chinook GULF WAR textures
3.57Mb (8467 downloads)
this pack will create a new mdl and paint for the ukmil Chinook, in the style of the 1991 Gulf War. It will add the correct colours, along with a new model with EAPS fitted on the engines. Aircraft is the freeware RAF CHINOOK BY UKMIL, available at Textures are by UKMIL []

Posted 2008-08-04 04:17:47 by
Hughes 500D Repaint Kit
2.78Mb (1421 downloads)
This is a repaint kit for Björn Büchner's FS2004 Hughes 500D. This file includes textures, Alpha Channels, an aircraft CFG, and a visual tutorial on the main textures.

Posted 2008-08-12 01:33:19 by Brandon Filer
Hiller YH-32 Hornet
7.96Mb (5201 downloads)
FS2004 Hiller YH-32 Hornet. The Hiller YH32 Hornet (company designation HJ-1) was an American ultralight helicopter built by Hiller Aircraft in the early 1950s. It was a small and unique design because it was powered by two Hiller 8RJ2B ramjet engines mounted on the rotor blade tips. Versions of the HJ-1 Hornet were built for the United States Army and the United States Navy in the early 1950s. By Shawn Lund.

Posted 2008-08-13 11:53:54 by Shawn Lund
RNLAF Chinook textures
6.62Mb (2879 downloads)
RNLAF Chinook textures This pack will create a new mdl and paint for the ukmil Chinook, in the style of the RNLAF [Dutch]. It will add the correct colours, along with a new model for the Dutch Air Force. Aircraft is the freeware RAF CHINOOK BY UKMIL. Textures are by UKMIL []
Needed files:

Posted 2008-08-18 01:51:56 by UKMIL
Bell UH-1H Multinational Force & Observers Textures
6.94Mb (3941 downloads)
Two simple liveries (different color shades) of Deane Baunton's Bell 205 representing a Huey of the Multinational Force & Observers. The MFO operates on the Sinai Peninsula enforcing the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. Liveries represent a US Army MFO UH-1H during the 1980's, without the MFO insignia on the door. A UN Livery by Matteo Arrotta was used as a base template for this creation. Other credits in readme. TEXTURES ONLY. Needed files: By: Sean Karges

Posted 2008-08-29 12:19:54 by Sean Karges
NH-90 Spanish Armada
1.91Mb (7090 downloads)
NH90 Armada Spanish Armada textures for NH90 tactical transport helicopter, for FS2004 Model created by Adrian Brausch, available here. Upoaded with author´s permission. If you wish to land over Spanish Armada ships, look for my models in simviation scenery pages.
Needed files:

Posted 2008-09-10 16:02:38 by Alberto García Lled&oac
Agusta A109 package
20.8Mb (15603 downloads)
Alan Devins' FS2004 Gmax Agusta A109 Package. This is the same full package with the addition of a texture for A109C dedicated to website. Model created by Alan Devins. Engine systems and gauge programming by Steve Hanley 180 degree views by Tonni Jorgensen AutoPilot by Annti Pankonnen and Dirk Fassenbender

Posted 2008-09-16 19:24:53 by Christophe Bandini
NH90 Spanish Famet Textures
3.78Mb (3602 downloads)
Spanish Army (FAMET)olive green and camo textures only for NH90 tactical transport helicopter for FS2004. Model created by Adrian Brausch. Uploaded with author´s permission
Needed files:

Posted 2008-09-18 15:52:33 by Alberto García Lled&oac

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