November 19, 2019
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FS9/FSX Heinz Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated HQ Scenery Design
82.33kb (810 downloads)
This is my previously uploaded scenery design with just textures and my source file. This source file is for use in FSDS v3 and v3.5. Not tested in v2 or v1. I will give this source file to FS scenery lovers who want to create this building someplace else, though this is my first scenery design to be uploaded. By Victor Vu.

Posted 2009-02-13 21:58:32 by Victor Vu
FSDS ULL Aeropro FOX File
327.11kb (888 downloads)
Unfinished Fox Light Aircraft project. This project is in formats: dxf. and FSDS studio.

Posted 2009-02-15 10:20:41 by Jiøí Malinka
AGDīs German Tank Library
1.88Mb (755 downloads)
This is a German tank library file to use with EZ-Scenery object placer to add to scenery in FS2004. Have fun.

Posted 2009-03-16 18:31:48 by Andreas Guethling
GMax Project Tie Interceptor (unfinished)
1.65Mb (850 downloads)
This is an unfinished GMax Tie Interceptor for FSX. I uploaded this for other people to finish. Everything else finished. PLEASE READ THE NOTE PROVIDED!

Posted 2009-03-18 22:06:40 by Kyle Cosgray
Cessna Sovereign Paintkit
3.37Mb (1365 downloads)
Paintkit created by Alex Guedes/Aryus Works for Aryus Works Citation Sovereign. Original model note included. Thanks and good work! Model here:
Needed files:

Posted 2009-03-24 11:18:35 by Alex Guedes/Aryus Works
FS9/FSX Heinz Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated Dirigible Aircraft Design
137.33kb (659 downloads)
This is my previously uploaded aircraft design with just textures and my source file. This source file is for use in FSDS v3 and v3.5. Not tested in v2 or v1. This source file is useful if you want to modify this aircraft for improvement. By Victor Vu.

Posted 2009-03-24 20:31:00 by Victor Vu
FSX Paintkit for Tomīs A330/340
13.82Mb (1494 downloads)
FSX Paintkit for Tomīs A330/340 Contains white-liverie jpeg files for easy repaints and psd fuselage totals with layers plus grid texture jpegs for advanced painters. Its for my A330-200 and A340-200 releases for FSX. Aircraft are available here
Needed files: ..

Posted 2009-04-03 11:13:31 by John Paul
Airport Design Editor 1.40
22.98Mb (1669 downloads)
Airport Design Editor 1.40 ADE 1.40 is the latest version of Airport Design Editor. In addition to a number of bug fixes and enhancements this version introduces an Approach Designer. Many users want to see aircraft flying reaslistic approaches to airports. In many cases users updating and airport can affect the way approaches work. The new Approach Designer provides a graphical interface and mimics the GPS in FSX. For full details of what's new in 1.40 please check the change log.

Posted 2009-05-05 11:50:52 by Jon Masterson
Airport Building - Restaurant
473.94kb (512 downloads)
Fictional two-story airport restaurant building made in GMax. The top floor has a serving place and tables with chairs. The bottom floor has nothing. You will have to finish this model and give it a purpose. Please give me credit when releasing a finished version.

Posted 2009-06-19 15:46:25 by Brandon Filer
Source File Catalog
335.42kb (1122 downloads)
This is the current issue (7/13/09) of the Source File Archive Catalog. The Archive is an offline resource containing nearly 500 FSDS and Gmax source files, most of which are available to developers for use in new projects. The Archive gives designers a secure storage facility where they retain control over access to their files.

Posted 2009-07-14 15:07:10 by Tom Sanford

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