June 20, 2018
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C172 50826 Texture Fix
485.6kb (754 downloads)
For the above 50826 texture, I didn't properly mirror the VC file for the black/wooden panel version of the C172 resulting in a messed up VC panel. this file includes a corrected version for the black/wood panel Includes instructions for fix.

Posted 2010-07-29 20:52:45 by Anthony Celentano
Beechcraft King Air 300 - Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia Textures
5.94Mb (1269 downloads)
A Texture of the "Royal Flying Doctors Service of Australia" for the Freeware Beechcraft King Air 300 of AFG (http://www.alliedfsgroup.com/). The Royal Flying Doctors Service is actually using this aircraft, so I decided to produce such a texture for bush-piloting in Australia. Repaint by Daniel Wesselhoft.
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/static.php?ID=84&page=154

Posted 2010-07-31 08:09:00 by Daniel Weßelhöft
C172 N172DM Textures
6.28Mb (1453 downloads)
Based on the real N172DM, a C172N model. Textures for the default C172. The cockpit is a yellow/orange mix based on the real N172DM cockpit. The real 172DM was modified to carry a 180HP engine instead of the default 160HP Lycoming engine. By Anthony Celentano

Posted 2010-08-07 19:32:40 by Anthony Celentano
Britten-Norman BN2A Mk lll-2 Trislander Package
6.69Mb (8161 downloads)
Britten-Norman BN2A Mk lll-2 Trislander. The Trislander is a rugged 3 engine, 18 seater, STOL commuter/island pper/utility aircraft built originally in the 1970's and 1980's. The demand for refurbished Trislanders is such that B-N are now considering re-opening the production line for new aircraft. This model features full moving parts, custom panel and VC, pleasant and accurate flight dynamics, panel documentation, and FS kneeboard check and ref lists. Three liveries included in the package, Aurigny (UK), LyddAir (UK) and Great Barrier Airlines (New Zealand). More liveries and paint kit available on the PAD web site. Compatible with FSX/SP2. By Jean-Pierre Brisard and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design

Posted 2010-08-12 20:18:51 by bob_may@premaircraft.com
FSX Beech 1900C Made Flyable
12.33Mb (3333 downloads)
FSX AI Beech 1900C made flyable. Hire on as cargomaster for Alphonse Coletti and Sir Reginald Percival Herringbone Cutlief III, co-proprietors of Col-Cut Cartage, subcontracting to numerous airlines for lost luggage pick up and re-sale, unclaimed pet cold storage and rendering, and unclaimed freight auctioneering. Tired of carry on luggage fees? Simply pay Col-Cut a low yearly flat rate, and Alphonse and Sir Reggy will fly your carry on bag to your destination, following your airliner all the way. Disembark, catch a cab to the freight hangar, and pick up your bag. What could be easier? This is the Henry Tomkiewicz AI Beech 1900C, made flyable in FSX with default King Air 350 panel and sound (no VC). Also includes the Tomkiewicz blank white model, which is flyable as well and makes a dandy paint kit! Choice of 2 engine smoke effects for those who like to smoke. Easy installation. Compiled by Tom Tiedman.

Posted 2010-08-14 02:12:10 by Tom Tiedman
Tupolev Tu-114 for FSX
30.17Mb (12295 downloads)
Samdim Design Tupolev Tu-114 adapted for FSX. Featuring DDS textures, full virtual cockpit (VC), custom gauges, custom sounds, passenger cabin with camera definitions. 1959 Khruschev livery. Also includes Soviet Army Tu-126 Moss AWACS variant. Adapted by B. Jansik

Posted 2010-08-15 15:44:59 by Branislav Jansik
New Dash8-102 Multi Livery Package
27.72Mb (4602 downloads)
New Livery for the default Quantas Default Aircraft; MS Dash8 Remapped in Gmax by Udo Lemmob. Concept, Flight Model, HTML Check/Ref list by Barry Blaisdell. Master Textures & Livery by Bob May, Quantas Repaint by Dave Evans. Adapted for FSX By: Eric Buchmann. Other Textures Repainted by John Sebastian Gaskin and included are; Air Aruba, Air France, Air Jamaica, Air Mexico, Alaska Air, Alitalia, America West, Continental, Cubana, Horizon Air, Jet Blue, North West, SwissAir, South African Air, TAP (Portugal). I do not know if all these airline have dash8's in their fleet but I wanted short haul commuter aircrafts to put into FSX as AI aircraft. I have included the PAD, Premier Aircraft Design, Dash-8 cockpit, no VC. Also the original Quantas aircraft is included.

Posted 2010-08-17 18:21:24 by John Sebastian Gaskin
FSX Cessna 421C Golden Eagle made flyable
14.86Mb (2397 downloads)
FSX Cessna 421C Golden Eagle N3669F. We are "Monument Valley Aerial Tours", based at Four Corners Regional (KFMN) in Farmington, New Mexico. We offer aerial tours of Monument Valley, Arizona and the surrounding desert southwest region, including Roswell and Area 51. Bring your camera and feel the thrill of capturing on film the towering spires of desert rock, vast fields of sage brush and cactus, UFO's, and F-15 Eagles firing their 20mm cannon rounds past our windscreen as they escort us out of restricted airspace. Book your tour early, and remember, we only fly on clear sunny days, which is, well, everyday in our magnificent desert southwest! Come be our guests! Sincerely, Rinehart and Betty Schloppelschtriefendorfer, Monument Valley Aerial Tours. This is the Henry Tomkiewicz Cessna 421C Golden Eagle freeware AI model, painted, propped, paneled, sounded, contact pointed, and smoked to be fairly funly flyable in FSX-SP2. Also includes Henry's blank white model, flyable as well! (Press your "I" key for starboard engine catching a stray cannon round)! Easy installation. By Tom Tiedman

Posted 2010-08-19 07:29:47 by Tom Tiedman
FSX/FS2004 OK-MPE Zlin Z-226MS Textures
2.2Mb (851 downloads)
Zlin Z - 226 MS JE Jediny Motor , DVA textures for Z 226MS OK - MPE v Aero Club v Chrudimi - Eeska Republika Requires the full Zlin Z-226MS model.
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/?ID=84&page=39&mark=9941

Posted 2010-08-20 09:24:48 by Jozef Košík
Beechcraft D18S Passenger Cabin Package
49.09Mb (5481 downloads)
Two complete aircraft, Wheeled & Amphibian by Ross McLennan, Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, and André Folkers with floats by B. Ortis. With the permission of the FS2004 copyright holders, these two original FS2004 D18S aircraft have been adjusted to climb and fly safely in FSX at an altitude of 16300 feet using the Passenger In The Cabin (left side) concept from FS2002. Original aircraft documentation is provided and gives information and the necessary acknowledgements to those responsible for the original FS2004 design. The aircraft are "dressed" to represent a ficticious Company I have called "GRAND SWISS ALP TOURS (GSAT)" using, with permission, FS2004 textures by the "Swiss-Eagle" Patrick Nadig and flying out of Thun, Sion and Ulrichen in the Swiss Alps. Some sim icons are replaced with multi function versions by Jean-Pierre Langer. The ficticious flights are designed to give the best possible passenger views of the grand scenery from a left side cabin window. Aircraft can also be adjusted for right side views and have also been flown in Alaska and The Rockies. In Switzerland see the Eiger, the James Bond Schilthorn, the Kandersteg, the Matterhorn, the Rhone and Grosser Aletsch Glaciers and fly a circuit of Mont Blanc in search of the Mer de Glace as I saw it in 1967 from a British Eagle Bristol Britannia. Land the Amphibian on two high alpine lakes. Detailed maps of the terrain being flown over are provided in the cockpit and the cabin. I invite you now to download and climb to the cruising altitude in the GSAT aircraft. Sit back with a ..?.. in the hand and enjoy the passing granduer of the Swiss Alps. Packaged by Ross McLennan, Adelaide, South Australia who will provide the only support for these aircraft. File Name: GSAT_D18S_PICL.zip August 2010.

Posted 2010-08-20 09:25:37 by Ross McLennan

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