January 26, 2020
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fsx 809Planet Boeing 747-400 Textures
7.26Mb (3871 downloads)
809Planet Boeing 747-400 Textures only for the default Boeing 747-400. By Jay Ramirez

Posted 2009-12-14 23:02:08 by jay ramirex
B777-200 Package
187.13Mb (20348 downloads)
A Boeing 777-200 package with repaints by Christopher Martin. This package includes American Airlines, Decommissioned and a FIFA World Cup Flyer liveries. It also includes a fully functioning VC and 2D Panel. Original flight model by POsky.

Posted 2009-12-15 14:00:34 by www.repaintz.tk
Default 737-800 Wing upgrade...
560.04kb (4708 downloads)
This package contains upgraded wing textures for the default 737-800 in FSX. The textures have had the exit decals and black markings on the wings removed seamlessly through the use of layer deletion. The mipmaps have also been removed from the image to make it appear in high detail at distance, even on low-performance computers.

Posted 2009-12-16 19:32:05 by Jason A. Lee
Boeing 777-200 'Arsenal Flyer'
102.22Mb (5148 downloads)
Boeing 777-200 with a fictional 'Arsenal Flyer' livery. Arsenal is a soccer club in England. Includes VC and 2D panel. Flight model by Project Opensky. Repaint by Christopher Martin

Posted 2009-12-17 14:27:11 by www.repaintz.tk
Dassault Falcon 7x Netjets Europe Textures
1.24Mb (2548 downloads)
Dassault Falcon 7x Netjet Europe Textures only for the Premier aircraft Design Model.
Needed files: http://simviation.com/simviation/?type=item&ID=60&page=38

Posted 2009-12-19 05:42:35 by Kalyan Mukherjee
FSX updated BAE 146-200 package
24.8Mb (13096 downloads)
This is an update for FSX of Jon Murchison's BAE 146-200 package. I added the LOCKHEED JETSTAR II 2D panel by Philippe WALLAERT. There are five textures: US Air, Lufthansa, Jazz, Quantis, and British Airways. I added thumbnails to all textures (NO-VC)

Posted 2009-12-19 22:32:00 by Michael Roberts
FSX NYPD 747-400 Police Textures
2.8Mb (3688 downloads)
Fictional NYPD textures for the default 747-400. By Jay Ramirez.

Posted 2009-12-20 00:39:34 by Jay Ramirez
Boeing 737-800 ANA Textures
19.65Mb (2921 downloads)
All Nippon Airlines textures only for the default FSX Boeing 737-800. Repaint by Christopheer Martin.

Posted 2009-12-20 10:54:49 by www.repaintz.tk
FSX/FS2004 Airbus A319 Spirit Textures Only
12.95Mb (2491 downloads)
Project Airbus A319 Spirit Textures Only for the Project Airbus A319.
FS2004 Version: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/?ID=83&page=5&mark=906
FSX Version: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/?ID=7012..

Posted 2009-12-20 11:46:29 by HELLOCHEWY (youtube)
Airbus A330-223 Delta Airlines Textures
6.77Mb (4860 downloads)
Textures only of Delta Air Lines with registration N756NW for Thomas Ruth's A330 model (TOMA332B.ZIP). This used to be in Northwest Airlines colours until October 2009 when it got the new Delta colours. Repaint by Sean Kneppers.
Required file: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/index.php?type=item&ID=60&page=67

Posted 2009-12-21 17:17:09 by Sean Kneppers

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