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Scenery Page 44
FS98 Russian Perm' Airports B.Savino (USPP), Baharevka (USPB) & Perm City streets for MSFS98. Scenery by Stolpyansky Victor. BGL section only. Textures some as in the Surgut Scenery. Features: apron night lighting, dense static scenery, European standard runway marks, beautiful night view of Perm City. 332K
FS95 Scenery - Lower Manhattan. This BGL file removes the twin towers of the World Trade Center from the default FS95 New York City scenery. By Chuck Dome. 152K
UK Airfield Scenery for FS98 June2000 to Dec2001 A download containing 117 UK Airfields Scenery for Flight Simulator 98 Included are RAF Valley Coningsby Finningly Brize Norton St Mawgan Chivenor Oxford Leicester Bagby Headcorn Bembridge Yeovilton Cosford Half Penny Green Llanbedr By Keith Egerton Zone Name Ascot252. 1.2MB
FS 98 scenery Shannon EINN (Ireland) Shannon airport is located 24 miles away from Limerick in the west of Ireland. It is the closest airport in Europe to the USA. You need to download airport 2.xx textures for this scenery to work properly. By George Green. 151K
FS98:Scenery: "86WA" By RON.VORAK 86WA(Kapowsin Field)is a Local Sky Diving Airport Just 12miles South of Puyallup,WA.Features Kapowsin SKYDIVE Clubs Home base. Complete with 5Man Parachute team Decending to Target Landing. Also Pierce Co.(THUN FIELD) ID:1SO is encluded.By RON.VORAK. 1.9MB
New water texture. Simply replace your old water.r8 file in your fs 98 texture folder with this one, after backing it up. Made from actual scan of seawater. by J. Hall. 40K
Virtual Beulah, Florida Beulah, Florida is a small community on the Alabama border where Interstate 10 and US 90 enter into Florida. That puts Beulah about 9 Miles north of Perdido Bay and just northwest of Pensacola. 406K
FS98 scenery-- Viracopos/Campinas International Airport 99. This is the most important brazilian's freighter airport. In this scenery you will find a visible localizer, marker, VOR and NDB, static aircraft, short still lines, special night effects at the ramp and so many details, everythink to make this airport as the real!!! Scenery by Fernando Marcato. 390K
FS98/FS2000/2002 Meigs and Vancouver Fields Soaring Scenery This files adds some thermals to defaults Chicago Merril C. Meigs and Vancouver Intl. scenery. By Francisco Vargas. 5K
FS98/CFS 35 Carriers. A collection of 35 landable aircraft carriers for FS98, and CFS appears to work also. 35 Aircraft carriers located at various areas around the world. From CV9 (USS Essex) to CVN76 (USS Ronald Reagan) and all carriers in between. The zip also includes 2 "fantasy" carriers. I have included a classlist.BGL which, in CFS is needed to make the carriers landable, otherwise you blow up. All these aircraft carriers were created by Dan Geis and listed as freeware. See enclosed read me's in each zip for installation and further credits. Good job Dan Geis!! File size 1.55 megabytes Uploaded by Rick Herring. 1.5MB
FS98 Toco Airfield, Trinidad. This is a representation of the Toco airfield on the north-east tip of Trinidad. The runway is very short so it is perfect to practice Short takeoff and vertical landing(STOVL).The beautiful island of Tobago is in view and in easy reach. Note:It is not exact cause I have never seen the airfield. Scorpius, Soca-Baron. 100K

FS98 DDay dynamic scenery. 30 naval ships steaming towards the Normandie coast! By Jack Ketama. 156K

FS98 Lerwick Airstrip, Scotland (Fictional). By Ryan Calder. 664K
TACANs for FS98 Military Airfields A set of VORTACs to fill in for the missing TACANs at Air Force and Air Guard Bases, Navy and Marine Corps Air Stations in the continental US. By M. Krupp. 27K