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Military Page 14
FSX T45 Goshawk / T1 Hawk Silver. This is a Repaint of David Brice & David Friswell T45 Goshawk / T1 Hawk For Microsoft Flight Simulator X.. The fictitious Paint Scheme is a Viper Skin textured chrome. Effect Created with the use of a modified Alpha channel Process Textures By Mark Rooks of RSDG.. This aircraft includes After Burner effects and the Original Read Me File included ...Aircraft Entitled " Silver Hawk " . 22.7MB
FSX T45 Goshawk / T1 Hawk 100 Sqn Boneyard. This is a Repaint of David Brice & David Friswell T45 Goshawk / T1 Hawk For Microsoft Flight Simulator X.. The Paint Scheme is the BAE Hawk T.1A RAF .. No 100 Squadron formed at Hingham in Norfolk on 23 February 1917 The Squadron motto "Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok" is Malayan and translates as "Never stir up a hornet's nest". All Squadron Hawk aircraft are marked with the blue and gold checkers of the borough of Stamford either side of the fuselage roundel. These relate to a period in the 1950s and 60s when the Squadron was based at Wittering. The skull and crossbones emblem carried on the fin dates from 1917 when 100 Squadron was serving on the Western Front. This distinctive emblem has resulted in the Squadron becoming known unofficially as 'The Boneyard' Textures By Mark Rooks of RSDG.. This aircraft includes pictures and history of the Actual aircraft Original Read Me File included ... 21.1MB
FSX Aermacchi MB339 Pan. Transferred from FS2004. Original model by Massimo Taccoli. Composed by Wayne Farrell . 11.3MB
FSX Acceleration Pack F-18 VFA-82 Marauders USN Textures only . By Tom Krekeler. 3.2MB
FS2004/FSX F/A-18E VFA-86 Sidewinders textures Only. This package contains the colorful superhornet of VFA-86 Sidewinders, which may be on the USS Enterprise. From web pictures of this jet, only one side of the tail flashes are painted. Original Team KBT F/A-18 "E" model (here). For use with Team FS KBT Model design by Daisuke Yamamoto. Flight dynamics and originally Painted by Hiroaki Kubota. XML(Effects) by Toshikazu Shimizu. Repainted by dmachoe with Team KBT permission. 3.5MB
FSX F-4 Phantom II F4E & F4B models included. 2d panel. No VC. Transferred from Kazunori Ito’s FS2004 model. Adapted by Wayne Farrell. 10.2MB
FSX Acceleration F-18 VMFA-225 Vikings textures only. Textures for the FSX Acceleration F-18. By Tom Krekeler. 2.9MB
FSX F9F Panther. Updated version of Aeroplane Heavens freeware Panther. Note - VC is non working. 2d panel only. (You may be better off downloading the original here) Uploaded by Wayne Farrell . 30.9MB

FS2004/FSX Dassault Mirage III E and Mirage III C "Chevaliers du Ciel" Package. The Mirage III is the emblematic French Fighter of the sixties. This new package contains 8 different aircraft (4 Mirage IIIC and 4 Mirage IIIE), some of them with the famous paint schemes visible in the comics "Les Chevaliers du Ciel" and other with real paint schemes used in the French Air Force during the sixties. This package includes the content of my former "Mirage III E Chevaliers du Ciel" pack. So you don't need both. The models have full moving parts and animations (control surfaces, gears, spoilers, canopy, pilot ejection, dragchute, rocket cover, pilot ladder, ...) + a custom panel compatible with FS2004 + another one compatible with FSX. No VC. Designed by Patrice Grange. 13.5MB