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Updated February 08, 2009

Problems Experienced Downloading Files?

Some users may have problems accessing files. If this is you please read this page. Most users are able to easily fix this problem.

This is most likely your Browser.

There is no restricted access or any limit to the number of users accessing files at any one time. All files should be available to all people at all times! No files are Express Members only.

If you are getting a 0kb file or get a message to go up one level please empty your browser cache and restart your browser. This should fix the problem.

If you are an Express Member and are having any problems please do the same as above - empty cache and restart your browser.

If problems persist please report them here



From the feedback we receive it seems some of the problems experienced have been due to the following reasons:


  • Web Browser. If using a late edition Internet Explorer your settings may be blocking access. The easiest way to cure this is to try using Firefox. Always allow Simviation pop ups (you download with a pop up box) & if prompted 'allow' anything from Simviation -
  • Firewalls. Take a look at your Firewall settings. In Zone Alarm ensure 'Program Control' is OFF. If you are in doubt - turn the firewall off & try to connect. This will confirm the problem. Some firewall allow you to add 'safe sites' - or try changing some settings. There is no need to have your protection disabled. If you need an IP address, our main file server is
  • Download Managers. Download managers will try to make multiple connections to a file. This will be rejected by our server as connections are limited to 2 consecutive connections per user. If you are using a download manager change settings to a minimal connection (if possible) or use GetRight
  • The Opera browser. the Opera browser is returning a 'File not found' result on clicking files. This does not happen using Internet Explorer or Firefox & we wait to see if a new version of Opera may fix this.
    • Meanwhile, for those wishing to avoid Internet Explorer - the Firefox browser works fine - Firefox is a great browser & is available here
  • Proxy Servers. If you are using a proxy server we cannot guarantee connection (you will know if you are using a proxy server)
  • ISP. It may be your ISP or your own system. You can try running a 'tracert' to watch your system try to connect to our server. Go to Start - Run (or Start - All Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt) & type 'tracert www.simviation.com' Watch that happens. Any time outs or '*'s indictate where, along the traffic route, there is a problem.
  • Reboot. Often a simple thing like rebooting will reset things & remove the block that caused the problem.

FTP Log-in Prompt or Box?

The free site is limited to 2 connections per user. If you attempt to make multiple downloads you may be asked to log in. To avoid this, stick to downloading one file at a time.

Overall the vast majority of our users can use the system without problems. As always we work to make this site as user friendly as we can.

As always we want you to enjoy the Simviation website.

There is a limit of 30KBPS download speed for the free site (no restrictions for Members). If you are experiencing problems other than those mentioned above please contact Support.


Pete Daly




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