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3-View and Aircraft Resources

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We've all asked several times for 3-views of this or that aircraft. In this respect, I am a pack rat. I collect links to sites offering 3-views and plans whether or not I ultimately use them. This is a collection of my favorite sources. I don't pretend to have "discovered" them, but I share them with fellow hobbysists. If you have a source that is not listed here, feel free to send me an e-mail.

Typically, I have three sources for my collection of plans and three views:

NOTE: this listing is by no means complete. Also, this page is directed towards sources of plans and 3-views. There are many other books, sites, and magazines that provide with excellent resources as to colors, camouflage, and other information.

Since my aviation interests tend towards "vintage" civilian and military aircraft so you will find that the sources in this initial listing lean in that direction.

Felix Rodriguez
Freeflight Design Shop
Pegasus Aviation Design
Orlando, FL

On Line Resources


  1. http//www.aviacherteg.narod.ru-index.html -If you understand Russian, this is one of several Russian language aircraft plan sites, covering WW1/Interwar, WW2, and modern/post WW2 military aircraft. These sites have detailed scale plans and camouflage/colors.
  2. Sky Corner. Aviation Reference - Another Russian site, but this points to the English language pages.
  3. Thomas Suurland's Blueprints - Aircraft plans and three views. Also vehicles (cars, tanks, APCs, boats) Main Menu, use navigation links to "Blueprints"
  4. The Nieuport Page - with period scale plans of WW1 Nieuports. Also links to period drawings of other WW1 aircraft, engines, etc.
  5. The Plan Page - Emphasis on flying model plans, but some of the plans/drawings are to accurate scale. Mostly vintage aircraft
  6. Mike's flying scale model pages-links - Links to flying model plan sites.
  7. Wherewolf Aircraft Drawings P.1 (Russian language) page with good scale plans.
    Wherewolf Aircraft Drawings P.2 (Russian Language)
  8. Chance Vought line drawings - Historical site with excellent plans of Chance Vought aircraft - from it's early days to the final A-7/F-8 series
  9. Arsenal - scale drawings page; Mostly modern Russian military aircraft.
  10. Wings 2.11 - French site, with English summaries. Wings 2.11 is a modelling software, but this site has excellent 3-views. Navigate with the "3-vues" button
  11. Czech Language scale plans and 3-views- If you rummage about the site, you'll also find other good stuff
  12. Fighters of WW2 - Good scale drawings, may be a slow loading site.
  13. K&W Model Airplanes, Inc. - Interesting site, information and scale plans in pdf format
  14. Some Scale Model Plans - flying model plans, but some of the plans/drawings are to accurate scale
  15. Mike's flying scale model pages-links flying model plans, but some of the plans/drawings are to accurate scale
  16. dmlivesy-peanut plans flying model plans, but some of the plans/drawings are to accurate scale
  17. The Plane CAD Page flying model plans, but some of the plans/drawings are to accurate scale
  18. Free Flight Scale Plans by Derek Buckmaster DB Design Bureau Free-flight scale plans of Australian aircrafte


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  1. Eduardospage - I haven't counted them, but there appear to be several hundred, of all types. These three views are repeated in Thomas Suurland's Blueprints site also.
  2. Otto vanBraam's - Blueprints Menu - Aircraft, cars, tanks, etc. - Quantity!!
  3. Luft '46 Home Page - Dedicated to the German WW2 projects and prototypes - "what might have been"
  4. Fixed-Wing Aircraft Museum - Several hundred 3-views, and information on world aircraft.
  5. All the World's Rotorcraft - Information and 3-views on rotorcraft
  6. Fiddlers Green Paper Models - While this site is a commercial site offering paper card models, their aircraft information/reference includes 3-views.
  7. Aircraft Conceptual Design Drawings & Pictures - Not your run of the mill aircraft.
  8. Welcome to Aircraft3-view! - Owen Hewitt's growing collection of three views, empahsizing modern aircraft.
  9. Charles Bain's Historic Aircraft Page - at Simviation.
  10. Russian Aviation Museum - A virtual museum of Russian aircraft, includes 3-views of most aircraft
  11. Aircraft of the Spanish Civil War (in Spanish) - Spanish site, lots of information and most aircraft have 3-views
  12. Current (US) Naval Aircraft Inventory - US Naval Aircraft 3-views and information
  13. Fly High - (modern military) - Modern military aircraft 3-views and information
  14. Beriev Aircraft Company - 3-views and information
  15. Seawings - The Flying Boat Site - 3-views and information on seaplanes (mostly UK)
  16. WAR Replicas (Homebuilts) - site of kitbuilt warbird replicas!
  17. Watson Flight Services Ltd. - aircraft, kitplanes, airplanes, zenair, jabiru, avionics - kitbuilts, some 3-views
  18. Welcome to Air Tractor in Olney, Texas - for the ag-plane buff in you!



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Commercial plan sites

  1. Bob's Aircraft Documentation - The premier site, in my opinion, for plans/drawings. Bob Banka offers both drawings and photo paks. Downloadable catalog.
  2. James's Morrow Scale Drawings plans directed to the flying scale modeller.

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