Adding Scenery to Microsoft Flight Simulator

by Doug Attrell


Rather than displaying this tutorial on screen, it has been decided to make this a downloadable file so that it can be printed & followed as you sit at your machine.

Doug has explained in easy to follow steps his proven & easy method of Scenery Installation. The tutorial is accompanied by easy to follow illustrations. Doug's method has been extensively tried & tested by beginners all over the world. Even the most complicated scenery should take the most inexperienced beginner no more than 5 minutes to install.


Once you learn this method of installing scenery you will no longer have problems getting your scenery to show up for your flights.

The method is the same for either FS2000 or FS98. Simply download to a folder of your choice. Unzip into a Temp folder & Print. You can then follow the steps as you sit at your screen.

Download now. Microsoft Word format. 344k



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