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Grab/Clip/Save. Screenshot tool! A simple utility that will capture multiple screenshotys & automatically save them to the directory of your choice. Easy to install. Sits in your system try & all you do is press Print Screen & your screenshots are done! Over & over - as many as you like! Also allows editing of filesize to ensure your shot fits within Simviation's forum limitations of 100K. Boumchalak 885K
Manual Method

Manual Method to take Screenshots.

It is assumed you are already in your game/sim.

1. Get a good 'pause' - as in real life photography - try to pay attention to background, set distance in View Options. You can achieve a reasonable result by setting this to around 500 feet then zooming in & panning round until you're happy with the image on the screen.

2. Press 'Print Screen' on your keyboard. Some systems allow for Shift/Print Screen - although mine does not.

This will copy the screen image to your Clipboard ready to be pasted into a Paint program.

3. Start your Paint Program. I personally use Corel Photopaint for most of my stuff, but Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop & a host of others including MS Paint & Gimp (downloadable here) will work fine. For this demo I use MS Paint as everyone will have this. The principle is the same with all Paint Programs.
4. 'Paste' or 'New from Clipboard' or whatever your program requires.

5. Now you have your screenshot.

You can save now.! But >> I prefer to select an area of the image - which will be the final shot.

Select an area - cut & paste again.

6. Resize - it's usually better to resize.

7. Save as '.jpg' or '.gif.' - Most 'photo' style images work better as JPG's & most 'illustrative' images work better as 'gif' format. Most Sim images will work best if saved as a JPG.

Happy Shootin!!!



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