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Scenery Macro's - for use in Scenery Design.

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AIRPORT RAMP LIGHT API-macros for Airport & ASD. These macro files APIs and SCM files for ASD and Airport are intended for FS2000 scenery only. 2 different airport ramp lights are included: 2x4 bulb light and a double 2x8 bulb light. The scale used in Airport is between 0,05 and 0,08. All lights react to the time of day - bright at night with light rays projected to the ground and no light during the day. Dawn and dusk effects also included. Designed using Abacus Design Studio (FSC files included). Please read instructions for use before incorporating these macros in your design. API, SCM and SCA formats included. By Graham P. Oxtoby. 79K
FS98 High Voltage Towers There are many airports in the world where high voltage towers are in close proximity to airports. Here are two towers that have been successfully placed in FS98 using Apt2.10 By John L Fleming. 84K
FS98 Static API macros Airport Stair Trucks North American Airlines Textured by Mike wallace. 150K
Russian Radar API Macros for MSFS98 This is a final version of beautiful locator radar with smooth revolving antenna. Real prototype stand in Perm (USPP) airport. Small visual bugs fixed 10/02/00 If You vizit to site of 1'st sqadron of AEROFLOT RVA http://arva.nm.ru, you can find USPP scenery and my over works... By Stolpyansky Victor. 68K
FS2K Static API macros AFrame type houses Build with VOD 3 David Pond. 1MB
2 standing semi trailers This is my first time making any kind or macro file so i am sure you know what to do copy bmps to texture and .scm to where ever they go. made by Dale Nott. 57K
FS98/2000 Fence api macro by Frederik Neeb for use with Airport 2.xx. 30K

FS98/2000 house API macro by Frederik Neeb for use with Airport 2.xx or FS Scenery Creator This is the second house of my big house project for designers who are interested in detailed Sceneies with many objects.

House 1 41K

House 2 50K

FS98/2000 bus api macro by Frederik Neeb for use with Airport 2.xx or FS Scenery Creator. This is a city MB0405N city bus of the bus company HSB. 36K


Offshore Oil Rig API Macro for use with Airport 2.xx scenery designer. Can be located at any body of water. By Jim McNulty. 286K
FS98/2000 bus api macro by Frederik Neeb, Franziska Neeb and Marvin Trarbach for use with Airport 2.xx or FS Scenery Creator This is the second update of the RMV MB0407N bus. 36K
Stargate and DHD api macros by Paul Emsley Made with VOD v.3a. 88K
Signal api macros by Paul Emsley Made with VOD v.3a. 62K
Railway api macros by Paul Emsley Made with VOD v.3a. 270K
An FSDS treestump that has the FSC file and Macro for ASD and API This is a must for any ASD or API Program By Donny Morgan. 171K
Metal Fence api macros by Paul Emsley Made with VOD v.3a. 42K
CFS / FS98 / Buildings/Objects for Airport 2.10/2.60 in Macro/api format. designed by Paul Harmon (H_PAUL). 388K
FS2000 FMC Pedestal Jetbridge SCM MACROS A collection of 4 variations of semi- scale jetbridge macros for use with AS&D. Features and night lighting, open tunnels, detailed stairs. SM fits 737's, LG fits B767/MD11/B747's. Both Small and Large offered in retracted and extended models. Based on FMC's engineering documents. Drawn and Textured by Doug Westfall. 64K
FS2000 API Macro Elevated Helipad API Macro of elevated helipad 2M over the ground for putting on top of buildings, ships... By Chanan Epstein. 64K
FS2000 A collection of 19 macros compatible with VOD, Airport 2.10 and ASDv2.0 The file contains all macros used in the library file scenery_fs_veh.bgl located in the SCENEDB\VEH\SCENERY folder of FS2000. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 327K
CFS/ FS2K / FS98 / Beer Crates for Scenery Design Programs which support api macros designed by Paul Harmon (H_PAUL) Copyright 2001 by Paul Harmon , Northern Calif Mtns USA This archive contains a collection of Beer Crates for the Scenery designer. 304K
NOVA Docking and odometer systems V1.2 program for CFS2 and FS2000. This is an utility to add some visual taxing aids to the scenery ,as a docking system, odometers, approach progress bars and a marshaller. The program requires a prior full installation of the NOVA program. NOVA is a shareware program, this utility is free for registered users, for non registered users this addon will only work in demo mode. Help files and file examples are included.By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 1.3MB
NOVA TEXTURES Release 3 for the CFS2 and FS2000. This file contains some textures used to design control taxing aids for scenery design, as docking systems,odometers, approach progress bars and marshaller. This file replaces all the textures used in the NovaTxt2.ZIP file By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 170K
CFS/FS2K/FS98 Airport Buildings for Scenery Design Programs which support api macros. Designed by Paul Harmon. (H_PAUL) Includes Air Terminal,Control Tower, and Hangars. 280K
FS-2000 Macros Build Your Own City A series of 9 macros for designers to use in creating cities in flightsim. Include Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Staples and more. For use in Airport 2.xx. By Andy Johnston. 19K
CFS / FS98 / FS2000 Buildings for Airport 2.10. This archive contains a collection of 50 buildings I've designed during the work on different of my sceneries for CFS. They all work on FS98 and FS2000 sceneries too. The base of the textures for some of the buildings were taken directly from parts of pictures. I took mainly wall structures and worked on them until I've got complete walls. Windows and doors were also taken from pictures and changed until they fit to the buildings. designed by Ralf-J. Triebel (X_MAT). 2MB
FS People Set 2 At Last! Add what FS2000 has been missing... people! 16 macros for FS2000 scenery design of true-to-scale real people. Place them anywhere in your FS world. In API format. By Jeremiah Broughton, uploaded by Ette Kees van der Kooi. 258K
FS98 Static aircraft API macros UNITED STATES MILITARY AIRLINERS & BIZ-JETS 747, 757,737, 727,E3, LEAR, JETSTAR, KC10, 7O7, DC9 Converted by Mike Wallace. 450K
FS98 - API macro for Airport 2xx A Hangar type D - HQ performance, not textured, full 3D, very detailed, windows and door with glass, frames, adjustable outside colors, halogen lamps inside and outside, special night effect. Tested in 3D mode. Version 1.0 By Robert Waszkiewicz. 19K
FS98 - API macro for Airport 2xx A Hangar type A - HQ performance, not textured, full 3D, very detailed, windows and door with glass, frames, adjustable outside colors, halogen lamps inside and outside, special night effect. Tested in 3D mode. Version 1.1 By Robert Waszkiewicz. 16K
FS 2000 Scenery Coconut API Files by Gerd J. Winterfeld This are about 12 different Coconut tree API files to be placed with the Airport Program in tropical sceneries. For use with FS 2000 only. By Gerd J. Winterfeld.. 45K
FS 2000 ASDV2.1 macro (FSDS fsc available.) - Cape houses - House stand with trees. - Tree rows 300m and 500m. - one static aircraft. by Jean de Langristin. 605K
Api Macro-Old handmade outhouse update An old outhouse that looks old and weathered This is the full file including the missing textures. For use in airport design program. By John Fay. 427K
API/ASD Macro collection for FS2000 and CFS2. A collection of 19 photorealistic macros as hangars, finger gates and terminals for scenery design in API and ASD format. NOVA macro source files are also included. The macros files are made using the Nova Gold Textures 1 NovaGt1.ZIP file. Macros generated using NOVA by Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 547K
NOVA GOLD TEXTURES Release 1 for FS2000 and CFS2. This file contains a selection of 24 photorealistic textures with night effects of some common objects used in scenery design, as hangars, finger gates and terminals. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 1.3MB
Api Macro of a UK type Power Station Cooling Tower. Modeled on the ones at Didcot Oxfordshire. This was designed using FSDS for FS2000, from photographs supplied by Alan Smith. Author Paul Roberts. 117K
FS2000 - SHELL GAS STATION API MACRO You can use this macro in your own scenery adding cars, buses, fuel trucks, fspeople, etc. For FS2000. By Pablo Garzón Gavilanes. 390K
FS2000 macros. For ASD. CFS2 compatible. 14 more combination macros of skyscrappers, houses, buildings, hills. By John de Langristin. 712K
FS2000 Yadgar-e-Pakistan (Airport Macros) Yadgar-e-Pakistan Located in Lahore built in 23rd March 1947 with night light texture. 67K
Api Macro-FSim Bar restaurant This is the full file including textures (day and night) and api file. For use in any airport design program. By Anthony Konstantinidis. 1.9MB
Air Traffic Control Tower with transparent glass windows. Built by Eric Jonas a.k.a. MAG_CO_Mobster using the Easy Object Designer (EOD) by Matthias Bruckner. (47Kb)
FS2000-Fs2002-Cfs2 macros. ASD/API. 8 combination macros. Housing cluster, mansions, houses with cars and trees. Improved island on lake area 16km2 with landing strip. Public domain. By John de Langristin. 790K
FS2000-Fs2002-Cfs2 macros. ASD/API. 18 macros. Roads, cars, parking areas. 5 carparks, 11 road sections with 3D cars.You may assemble these to make straight, rectangular, square ect, configurations. Your airport areas will take on a new dimension! Your houses, buildings ect, can look almost like your streets. Public domain. By John de Langristin. 712K
Scenery Macro -Blister Hangar An FSDS model of the Blister Hangar commonly found on fighter airfields all over the UK. Used extensively on temporary airfields and many are still used by farms for storage. Can house one aircraft. Done in *.api and *.scm formats. By Daniel Hamblin. 60K
Helo Pads: Hello Scenerydesigners, I can see the great „H“ no more Time and i Paint some other Pad-textures ,so I see in Germany (hospitals,Airports and Regional Helicopter Airline) This Helipads and Padlights are *.API-files for Airport v2.10 and v2.60.Put the api-files in the Airport Api-folder and the Textures into FS2000/Texturefolder,Apt2.**-texturefolder and Apt2.** Resoures-folder .But what did I say You make it! Emanual Dietz. 193K
Chevron Offshore Oilrig Macro. This is a API marco for Fs scenery Creator and others with a landable helipad. created with EOD for 2000/2002. By Deane Robson. 941K
CFS / Landable helopads for Airport 2.10/2.60 & FSSC design programs. Created using EOD, by Paul Harmon. 73K
detailed FSDS model of a control tower with photo-realistic textures. In API format. Joe Coyle. 71K
CFS2 Hangar API MACRO, (maybe for FS2k and FS2K2). Full interior view and night lighted. A model of metal made rounded Hangar commonly found on WW-II airfields at pacific theater. By:Juan Carlos Cantu. 557K
API Macro of an Oil Rig for fs2k2 /fs2k By Danny Levin. 154K
3 API Macros of Helipad landing markers. By Danny Levin. 285K
6 API Macros of Navy ships for fs2k /fs2k2 By Danny Levin. 239K
FS2002 Helipad macro. By John Vrbanac. 43K
FS2002 And FS2000 Compatable!!Photo Real Hobart Bros.Start Generator Is found at Kapowsin Field,in Kapowsin,Wa.where it is used to Start their Dhc6Super Twin Otter,and their Cessna 208Grand Caravan Used for The sport of SkyDiving at Kapowsin Field.Made in.api file format with FSDS. For use by scenery designers. By:Ron Vorak. 251K
FS2002 Macros default HANGARS WITH LOGOS added 29 Airline hangars (default closed door) each 232' wide by 81' high. Signs on all four sides so you can use either front or back heading with same results. Each is night textured. Use .1 scale. Full color logos. Personal hangars not included. Put the hangar api folder itself into your Airport for Windows api folder. This will make them easy to find. Includes US, World, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico airlines PLUS UPS, FedEx, USPS and some east coast charter airlines. Textures drag and drop into your FS2002/texture folder. jimmy R martin. 467K
FS2000-2002 Static airport API macros. P&O Nedlloyd Container ships.A SuperPanamax and a 220mt long vessel. For scenery designers only. by Jorge Pagano. 109K
FS2000-2002 Static airport API macro. Maersk Sealand Container ship.220 mt long. For scenery designers only. by Jorge Pagano. 96K
FS2000-2002 Static airport API macros. Hapag Lloyd Container ship 220mt long. For scenery designers only. by Jorge Pagano. 103K
FS2000-2002 Static airport API macros. 80 mt. long Submarine. For scenery designers only. by Jorge Pagano. 26K

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