Adding AI Flights in FS2002
By Craig White


Hello, this is going to be my first tutorial, so I hope you find it easy to understand and find it helpful.

In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to add AI flights to FS2002 using Traffic Tools by Lee Swordy.
You'll need:
FS2002 (Standard or Professional Edition)
TrafficTools V1.2 for FS2002, by Lee Swordy

Unzip & open the TTools folder. Run the TDecompiler.exe.
This reads the FS2002.AI database & creates 3 .text files, Aircraft.txt, Airports.txt and FlightPlans.txt.

Using Aircraft.txt.

Open Aircraft.txt in Wordpad or similar text editor and you'll see a list of entries like this:

AC#9,482,"Boeing 777-300"

The "AC#9" just gives the aircraft a number to put in the FlightPlans.txt, which I will tell you how to use later on.
The "482" is the cruise speed of the desired aircraft and is found in the aircraft.cfg.
The "Boeing 777-300" is the name of the aircraft and must be the exact title= name in aircraft.cfg.

Now lets add an aircraft of our own to Aircraft.txt.
For simplicity, lets use my Lufthansa repaint of the default 747-400 (available at here).
Download and install it as instructed in the readme.txt. Now add this line to your Aircraft.txt:

AC#37,491,"Boeing 747-400 Paint LUFTHANSA"

Save the changes and exit the file.

Using FlightPlans.txt

Now it's time to add a flight with our new plane. Let's do a nice long one for it. How about…Heathrow to Kennedy Intl (EGLL - KJFK)? Alrighty then!

Add this line to your FlightPlans.txt:


AC#37=the aircraft you want to make the flight use…as found in the Aircraft.txt.

L-876=the tail number…could be anything you want.

1%=the % you need the AI traffic turned up to, to see the AC.

24Hr=how often the flight is repeated…can be 2Hr, 4Hr, 8Hr, etc…

IFR=flight uses IFR…can also be VFR if you want the flight to use visual rules.

06:00:00=departure time. Please note this is when the aircraft starts its engines and contacts ATC, not when it takes-off! This time is in GMT, which is the usual aviation time.

00:00:00=arrival time…just leave this midnight all the time, as the TCompiler predicts for you. Again in GMT.

360=flight level…in this case 36,000 feet.

F=ATC will call the plane by its airline…as ATC recognizes "Lufthansa", this is OK for this flight. Can also be set to "R", which makes ATC call the flight by it's tail number.

0001=flight number…can be set to anything you want.

KJFK=airport code for the destination airport, in this case, Kennedy Intl (KJFK).

From there on in the line, is the return leg…here's what that all means.

16:00:00=time of departure. Again when the AC starts its engines, not when it leaves. In GMT.

00:00:00=arrival time…again set to midnight, as TCompiler will predict it.

350=flight level…this time 35,000 feet.

F=ATC will call AC by its airline…set this to "R" to make it be called by its tail number.

0002=flight number…can be set to what you ever you want.

EGLL=code of destination airport, this time Heathrow (EGLL).

Activating Your Flight

Save your FlightPlans.txt and shut it down. Now run TCompiler.exe and press 'Enter' when it's done.
Start FS2002 and create a flight from EGLL at 5:55:00 GMT.
Go to the heavy gate and you should see the Lufthansa 747-400.
Sit beside it with your Communication radio set to the ground frequency.
At 6:00:00 you'll hear the 747 requesting taxi permission. Follow it and watch it take-off.

This can be done with any plane and airport in FS2002, even add-ons…but I don't know how to add airports to the Airports.txt…I'll update this when I learn how! ;D

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope it helped you.

Craig White aka Whitey

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