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Manufacturer: Boeing Country of Origin: USA

Model:Boeing 757/ 767 series


The 757 was designed as part of Boeing new technology aircraft to replace the 727. Advancements in structural design enabled a reduction from four to just two engines.

The 757 was the 1st Boeing to be offered with Rolls Royce engines as an option.

757/767 Family Overiew

Introduced within five months of one another, the 757 and 767 are much alike: Both airplanes are powered by two engines, both were designed to be fuel efficient, and both have a two-pilot electronic flight deck that replaces many instruments and gauges with video displays. The 757 and 767 flight decks are so similar that a pilot who learns to fly one airplane also is qualified to fly the other.

Designed to replace the 727, the 757 retains a standard-body, single-aisle configuration. The 757-200 can carry 201 passengers in two classes up to 4,390 miles. The airplane also is offered as a freighter. In September 1996, Boeing launched the 757-300, a stretched model that will fly 243 passengers 4,000 miles. This newest model is slated for first delivery in 1999.

The 767 is a larger, two-aisle twinjet. The airplane, which is the most widely utilized airplane across the Atlantic, is currently in service in five versions: the 767-200 and -200ER (extended range), with seating for 224 passengers in two classes or 181 passengers in a three-class configuration and range of up to 7,665 miles; the 767-300 and -300ER, with seating for 269 in two classes and 218 in three classes and a range capability of 7,080 miles; and the 767-300 Freighter, with 16,020 cubic feet of cargo volume and a range of 3,765 miles.

In 1997, Boeing launched a higher-capacity version of the 767, called the 767-400ER. This new derivative will provide seating for 304 passengers in two classes or 245 passengers in a three-class arrangement with a range capability of 6,475 miles, all with complete 757/767 family commonality.

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Passenger capacity
Two-class 201
Inclusive tour 231
Range, miles (km) 4,550
Maximum gross weight, lb (kg)
Takeoff 255,000
Typical operating empty weight, lb (kg) 128,730
Pratt & Whitney PW2040
Rolls-Royce RB211-535
Maximum fuel capacity, U.S. gal (L) 11,526
Lower-hold cargo volume, ft3 (m3) 1,670



Passenger capacity
Inclusive tour 375
Two-class 304
Three-class 245
Range, miles (km) 6,475
Maximum gross weight, lb (kg)
Takeoff 450,000
Typical operating empty weight, lb (kg) 227,300
Pratt & Whitney PW4000
General Electric CF6-80C2
Maximum fuel capacity, U.S. gal (L) 24,140
Lower-hold cargo volume, ft3 (m3)
Pallets + containers + bulk 4,580
LD-2 containers + bulk 4,905

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