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Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin Country of Origin: USA

Model: C-141 Starlifter


The C-141 Starlifter was the first pure jet designed for cargo, and it's been a mainstay of U.S. military airlift since 1965. In 30 different configurations, it has seen, done and carried it all - troops, supplies, vehicles, weapons, refugees, disaster relief, even a huge high-powered NASA telescope - from the Persian Gulf to South America to Southeast Asia.

Its easy-to-load 93-foot-long cargo bay can take up to 208 ground troops or 168 paratroops, and it can quickly be converted for med-evac operations. In 1983, after the bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, it was a C-141 that evacuated 78 wounded. Starlifters also brought flood relief to Minnesota in '79, to the Azores in '80, to Louisiana in '83. And when an airliner was hijacked in 1985, a C-141 carried the 39 hostages to freedom. In Desert Storm, C-141s flew more than 37,000 departures with an on-time record above 90%.

In fact, the C-141 has proven itself with nearly 9 million hours logged to date, including a record set in 1981 when a C-141 flew 67,000 pounds of cargo non-stop from New Jersey to Saudi Arabia, refueling three times in flight. With such an outstanding track record, the C-141 truly is a worldwide star.


General Characteristics (C-141B) Value
Length 168.3 ft / 51.3 m
Height 39.3 ft / 12 m
Wing span 160.0 ft / 48.8 m
Wing sweep 25.0 Degrees
High speed cruise 0.767 Mach
Long range cruise speed 0.74 Mach
Fuel capacity (JP-4) 153,352 lbs / 69,559 kg
Engines Four Pratt & Whitney TF-33-P-7 Turbofan Engines with 21,000 lbs of thrust


Cargo Compartment Value
Length (including ramp) 104.4 ft / 31.8 m
Length (excluding ramp) 93.3 ft / 28.4 m
Height 9.1 ft / 2.78 m
Width 10.3 ft / 3.1 m
Clear-cube volume (including ramp) 9,190 cu ft / 260.2 cu m


Weights Value
Operating weight 144,492 lbs / 65,540 kg
Maximum takeoff gross weight (2.5g) 323,100 lbs / 146,556 kg
Maximum takeoff gross weight (2.25g) 343,000 lbs / 155,582 kg
Maximum payload (2.5g) 74,233 lbs / 33,672 kg
Maximum payload (2.25g) 94,508 lbs / 42,868 kg
Normal landing weight (10 FPS sink rate) 257,500 lbs / 116,800 kg
Maximum landing weight (6 FPS sink rate) 343,000 lbs / 155,809 kg


Range Value
With a 94,508 lb payload 2,501 nm / 4631.5 km



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