February 7, 2023
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FS2004 Adventures Tutorial
1.72Mb (5803 downloads)
A tutorial on how to use & install adventures in FS2004. By Jose Munoz Escobedo

Posted 2008-07-15 11:59:10 by
FS2004 Adventure: BiPlane through South America
28.92Mb (5182 downloads)
FS2004 Adventure with VFR flight plans to fly in the south area of South America., We will fly through Chile, Antartida, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru. Includes a complete manual in PDF format with flight plans, maps and photographs.

Posted 2008-09-28 12:37:04 by Jose Munoz Escobedo
FS2004 Adventure: Around the Peru in bimotor
23.19Mb (1961 downloads)
Return to Peru in any twin engine airplace, passing 75 airports in 21 stages. Includes text (IN SPANISH ONLY) and graphical flight plans, maps and a manual in PDF format with all the instructions (in Spanish language only)

Posted 2008-12-25 12:47:40 by Jose Munoz Escobedo
FS2004 Adventurer: Around the Peru in jet
11.23Mb (2698 downloads)
Includes flight plans to return to Peru in a twin engine jet. Includes manual in Spanish language only, in PDF format with maps of the flights, archives for FS2004 and Spanish flight plans in Route Finder format

Posted 2008-12-25 13:00:36 by Jose Munoz Escobedo
FS2004 Adventure: Rally Dakar 2009
6.74Mb (3903 downloads)
FS2004 Adventure: Rally Dakar 2009. A rally of cars, motorcycles and trucks between Paris and Dakar that we can follow from our airplanes. Enjoy (text in Spanish only)

Posted 2008-12-30 09:24:27 by Jose Munoz Escobedo
FS2004 Caribbean by Bimotor
25.32Mb (4039 downloads)
An FS2004 adventure starting off from Arequipa in the northern part of South America going to the Caribbean and returning to the beginning point. Includes complete manual with flight plans, photos of airports and detailed map, however everything is written in Spanish

Posted 2009-03-05 12:53:57 by jose munoz escobedo
FS2004 Adventure: The Flight 19
16.07Mb (3458 downloads)
Flights plans to recreate Flight 19, the famous flight in which five Avenger airplanes were lost in the Bermuda triangle. Consists of three parts with extensive documentation in Spanish

Posted 2009-03-07 09:46:30 by Jose Munoz Escobedo
Tour France 2009
5.15Mb (2272 downloads)
Flightplans for race of bicycles Tour of France 2009, include maps of flightplans and map of the race. Text in spanish only

Posted 2009-06-28 17:33:22 by Jose Munoz Escobedo
FS2004 Danube River Adventure
11.06Mb (1436 downloads)
Flightplans for flight along the Danube river. Made for flying with a vintage biplane. Spanish text only.

Posted 2009-08-16 14:41:12 by Jose Munoz Escobedo
FS2004 2012 Adventure
6.23Mb (1753 downloads)
2012 Adventure for FS2004. After three important earthquakes occurred in 2010 (Haiti, Chile and Turkey), Britain Government starts a research about the main tectonic plates. The most important geologic scientist in the world – Drª Jessica Rose and her assistant – Katherine Heingel, a chemist, are hired by Land of the Queen. Both are from New Zealand and start the research in own New Zealand and Oceania, after Alaska, San Andreas and eventually South America. Sergio Ambrus

Posted 2010-03-24 19:55:13 by Sergio Ambrus

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