February 7, 2023
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FSX/FS2004 Macchi 205 Veltro
4.49Mb (5234 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 Macchi 205 Veltro. Three liveries are provided: one model reproduces the aircraft displayed at Vigna di Valle hystoric museum, with the co-belligerant Italian Air Force livery, a second one with the livery of Regia Aeronautica (Italian Royal Air Force ca. year 1943) and a third one with the livery of 'Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana' operated in the last part of World War II with the 'Repubblica Sociale Italiana' Air Force. The package features very accurate visual model and VC, highly reflective metallic skin and full animations. The panel background has been created entirely from scratch, based on photographic material found on the net and some photos from an official operating manual. Most of the gauges have been created by the author, a few are default gauges. Included in this model there is also a Virtual Cockpit, with working essential flight instruments and animated flight controls , plus camera views (FSX only). Capt. I.

Posted 2010-09-02 05:25:57 by D'Attomo
FSX Douglas DC-3 World Rally 2010 Textures
484.48kb (2031 downloads)
This is a repaint of the default FSX DC-3 in a specially commissioned livery for the 2010 DC-3 World Rally, organised by the team at DC-3 Airways VA. Visit www.dc3airways.com for information about this exciting event commencing on October 2, 2010. Thereafter, you can keep this lovely lady as a souvenir of how well you flew! This livery is also available for FS2004 as wr10_fs9.zip and for the MAAM-SIM FS2004/FS2002 Passenger DC-3 as wr10_maam.zip. By Mark Beaumont, VP Fleet, DC-3 Airways.

Posted 2010-09-04 09:29:45 by Mark Beaumont
DC-3 Northwest Airlines Textures
2.34Mb (1613 downloads)
Northwest Orient Airlines textures for the FSX default DC-3 aircraft by Microsoft/Aces and modified James Eden and Jon Murchison. These textures require AWESUM4SUM.zip modification to the default FSX DC-3 Textures by Gary Harper.
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/static.php?ID=66&page=10

Posted 2010-09-08 18:03:48 by Gary Harper
Lockheed P38 Lightning "Droopsnoot"
9.55Mb (12156 downloads)
FS2004/FSX P38 Droopsnoot The P-38J (so-called "Droop Snoot"), was typically the lead plane on level bombing mission. The Droop Snoot was equipped with a Plexiglas nose and an ultra-secret Norden bomb sight. The bombardier was in the nose. GMAX model by A.F.Scrub

Posted 2010-09-14 16:31:26 by A.F.Scrub
J7W Shinden
6.16Mb (7645 downloads)
The Kysh J7W Shinden fighter was a World War II Japanese propeller-driven aircraft prototype that was built in a canard design. The propeller was in the rear, in a pusher configuration. It was developed for the Imperial Japanese Navy as a short-range interceptor in a specific response to the B-29 Superfortress raids on the Japanese homeland It was expected to be a highly maneuverable interceptor, but only two were finished before the end of war. Created by Tim "Piglet" Conrad

Posted 2010-09-17 02:16:28 by David Precopia
J7W1 Shinden 3 Textures
12.49Mb (2935 downloads)
3 repaints for Tim Conrads excellent J7W1 Shinden (Magnificent Lightning), more 'what ifs for 1946 period, had the war ground on. The original texture used as template, textures for 244th fighter group, Metropolitan Defence wing, and a captured Shinden at the Alied Tactical Air Intelligence Unit South East Asia, Saigon, 1946. a revised config file is provided, with no changes other than the 3 new textures added, and the original prototype paint. For FSX only.

Posted 2010-09-17 08:41:35 by 3/7charlie
L1049H Canairelief Textures
4.44Mb (2478 downloads)
Repaint for the Constellation Group (Manfred Jahn) L1049H, textures only CF-NAM was purchased from Nordair for use on the Biafran Airlift alongside many other propliners for the last big-style propliner operation in history.It still exists on the island of Sao Tome, together with its sistership CF-NAL. They mainly flew night missions from there to the jungle strip at Uli/Biafra. Canairelief aircraft were operated for "Joint Church Aid" (JCA), called "Jesus Christ Airlines" by the pilots, being under anti-aircraft fire and bomb raids during the missions. The repaint features a cargo net, as used at the time.
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/?ID=88&page=7&mark=5028

Posted 2010-09-22 14:44:51 by Joachim Liethen
DC3 Around The World Textures
815.55kb (1553 downloads)
DC3 Around The World Textures. Fictional textures for the default Douglas DC-3

Posted 2010-09-23 14:24:21 by Hani Michal
25.24Mb (4881 downloads)
Originally created by Manuele Villa for FS2004 (No VC). Textures for all five gliders in the original package (types A, B & C) updated for FSX in the dds format by Henry Rastouil (2) and Ross McLennan (3). This German assault glider, developed by Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fur Segelflug (DFS)/ German Research Institute for Sailplane Flight, was used for the first time during the operation against the Belgian Fort Eben-Emael near Maastricht (May 10, 1940). They were also used during the Krete invasion (Maleme, 1941), in the Western Desert and on the Russian Front for transport purposes. Were used to deliver Otto Skorzeny's commandos against the Gran Sasso mountain-top hotel to rescue the imprisoned Mussolini (Sept 12, 1943). The Royal Italian Air Force (Regia Aeronautica) received almost 20 DFS 230's, but they were used only for training. UPDATED FSX PACKAGE (September 2010): Also includes a JU52 Military Version from the JU52 Factory (Managing Director: Pierino Primavesi) as the AI tow aircraft updated for FSX. Flights to replicate the attack on FORT EBEN-EMAEL. In support a brief history of Fort Eben-Emael and Grand Sasso (Operation Oak) attacks. Support is given by Ross McLennan only. File name: DFS230_FSXU.zip

Posted 2010-09-28 00:53:40 by Ross McLennan

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