February 7, 2023
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Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk
1.16Mb (45565 downloads)
A high quality stealth model created by Shigeru Tanaka and re-painted for fs2002 by Ruben Hamans. F-117A Nighthawk, a single-seat precision attack stealth aircraft with max speed 646mph, range 1200nm, carrying precision guided munitions in internal weapon bay.

Posted 2008-08-21 04:47:02 by Ruben Hamans
S3-B Viking
2.2Mb (11968 downloads)
S3-B Viking GMAX Version 2 for Flight Simulator 2002 Pro or Standard Edition. New Features: New Virtual Cockpit with gauge back lighting, formation lighting (strip lights), reflective textures were needed, working suspension and a general clean-up of the external model. Features: Full animation using GMAX. Full 3D Virtual Cockpit with night lighting and moving controls, Folding Wings, Tail Hook, Passenger door with night lighting, Bombay with bombs, Nose wheel steering, Fowler Flaps, etc. etc. Description: U.S. only Jet aircraft (Carrier based), used in the detection and attack of submarines, and as an armed scout in the anti-surface role. Extremely versatile, the aircraft is also equipped for tanking, mining, and limited electronic surveillance. By Rick Sasala

Posted 2008-11-16 03:19:30 by Rick Sasala
Beechcraft A28/XA-38 Grizzly
57.17Mb (5764 downloads)
Beechcraft Model 28 Destroyer / XA-38 Grizzly Version 2.0 for FS2002 Only by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, Damian Radice, Tom Falley with Sounds by Steve Buchanan. Functional VC model included; Pkg incl five Aircraft (Navy, AAF, Experimental, Ferry, and Civilian) with "hand-flyer" flight model and features a beautiful custom era correct panel and easy-to-read virtual cockpit, photoreal-influenced exterior bare metal textures plus four paint schemes and new XML gauges. Sounds included. Support website and contact info in documentation.

Posted 2009-05-25 13:25:17 by Milton Shupe

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