February 7, 2023
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Page 195

F-14 Comandos em Acao (fictional)
2.3Mb (16468 downloads)
FS2002/2004 Grumman F-14B Tomcat "Comandos em Acao". An accurate Gmax model with full moving parts and photoreal textures. 2D panel included. Original 3D Gmax model by Jeff Dobbing. Gmax model rework, panel, etc. F-14 by Dino Cattaneo. Texture by Joao H B Leitao.

Posted 2010-09-13 23:54:54 by Joao H. B. Leitao
FS2004 update for B-45A repaint
8.58Mb (4039 downloads)
This is an update for FS2004 of the B-45A Tornado by David Wooster using the reflective textures by Mick Morrissey. I have updated the flight dynamics, put in the 4th wheel, added gauges to the panel, added vclights, added smoke, and adjusted the contact points.

Posted 2010-09-23 21:39:28 by Bob Chicilo

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