February 7, 2023
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MAIN > FS2004 > Helicopters

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Page 63

Mil Mi8 Poland NAVY textures
6.28Mb (3955 downloads)
Mil Mi8 Poland NAVY textures for the Vladimir Zhyhulskiy Mi8 model. Repaint by Zsolt Beleznay.

Posted 2010-08-04 10:24:23 by Zsolt Beleznay
AS341 Gazelle Island Helicopter Services
2.16Mb (6983 downloads)
IHS-Cebu based helicopter charter services. Philippines. One of its fleet: Eurocopter Gazelle 341AH The Gazelle 341 AH was the first helicopter to carry a fenestron or fantail, which gives considerable noise reduction. It features a fully enclosed fuselage structure and a rigid modified Bolkow type main rotor. For flying controls, it consists of a cyclic stick, a collective lever and a pair of yaw pedals to control tail rotor pitch.Duplicate controls can be fitted at the left seat. The controls operate hydraulic servo units through connecting rods and cables. If the hydraulic system fails, the servos lock and the aircraft ca be controlled manually. This helicopter has less noise and vibration. Maneuverability is its middle name, speed is its first name. This helicopter is deemed as the Ferrari of the sky because of its speed and maneuverability. This is essential for tours. It has a capacity of five (5) passengers including pilot. FS aircraft is very maneuverable and realistically simulated flight dynamics. Can hover and make a spot landing.w/ VC. Specification: Engine: 1 x Turbomeca Astazon IIIA (590 hp) Max Airspeed: 167.4 kts Range: 362 Nm Gross Weight: 3.970 lbs Rate of climb: 1770 ft/min Seating Capacity: 5 (4 pax + 1 pilot) GMAX Aircraft by: Cyril Pioffet Repainted by: Gerard G. 0lvis

Posted 2010-08-08 14:06:24 by Gerard G. Olvis

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