February 7, 2023
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FS2002/2004 747-200 Panel w/ FO panel
65.01Mb (12300 downloads)
747-200 Panel w/ fully operational First Officer & Engineering panels. Has missing sound files from first upload.Built by Larry McConnel

Posted 2008-06-14 09:40:01 by
FSX Pilatus PC-12 2D panel
2.05Mb (5440 downloads)
Based on the PC-12 by AFG with MSFS modified or original new XML gauges (EADI, EHSI, RMI, KAS-297 Altimeter Selector, KMA24H Audio and a whole engine digital panel). Pierre Fasseaux

Posted 2008-06-17 10:05:06 by
FS2004 North American B-25 Mitchell Panel (FSX Compatable)
2.04Mb (2785 downloads)
This panel is my first one to make for FS2004. The B-25 panel had came from Fighter Ace II. This panel could also be used in other twin-engined bombers. This is my first panel to be created, so enjoy.

Posted 2008-07-12 15:15:38 by
MODIFIED FS2004 North American B-25 Mitchell Panel (FSX Compatable)
2.28Mb (3160 downloads)
This panel has been modified by Ricardo Jones, who added a sunshield, minicontrol, fuel gauges, and changed a mini-radio to a modern-like radio. I also made modifications because the flap position and the throttle on the throttle quadrant was removed, the gear lever and cowl flap control are changed into a combined control on a DC-3 floor panel. This panel is now better to use than the original B-25 panel. Enjoy! Modifications by Ricardo Jones. Original panel by Victor Vu.

Posted 2008-07-21 11:30:34 by
PIPER-PA 18 photoreal 2D-panel and VC-panel
1.21Mb (2671 downloads)
FS2004 - PIPER-PA 18 photoreal 2D-panel and VC-panel for J.E. Narcizo's latest model (see link) Due to the fact that FS9 is not very suitable for mere VRF-Navigation, I incorporated a multi-radio and an RMI. I have checked a lot of PA18-pictures, every panel had it's own instrument-configuration and -location. Made by Horst Paetzold.
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/?ID ..

Posted 2008-08-06 05:12:43 by
Piper Meridian photoreal panel
7.92Mb (3899 downloads)
FS2004 Piper Meridian photoreal panel with full internal views made for the freeware Piper-Meridian from Mike Stone (see link). By Horst Paetzold
Needed files: http://www.simviation.com/simviation/sta ..

Posted 2008-08-26 08:19:00 by Horst Paetzold
L-39 Albatros panel
8.22Mb (4144 downloads)
Aero L39cZ for FS9 - panel. This High visibility 2D panel with HUD uses similar layout bitmap as the actual 'Albatros'. Gauges (all freeware & tailormade included) as used in the actual aircraft. Col Sanjay Bajpai. File size 8 MB.

Posted 2008-08-28 00:49:29 by Col Sanjay Bajpai
F14D Tomcat Panel
3.5Mb (8921 downloads)
This is a fully functional cockpit designed for Steve Hinson's F14D Tomcat. I embedded the GPS so it displays in the same area as the radios. Outside of that and the design and layout all credit goes to those who designed the gauges I have used.

Posted 2008-08-28 01:43:07 by Tim Meinhardt
Airbus A330
6.51Mb (14706 downloads)
Airbus A330 Pannel, Full working Switch. Extra Textures.

Posted 2008-09-08 13:45:29 by Afsal's TM
Aeroworks L29 Delfin - Panaromic Photopanel
14.92Mb (2972 downloads)
This is a freeware 2d- high visibility Panaromic panel made from an actual photo of the Delfin with near actual gauges (gauges included) as close to real thing as possible. The height of the eyeview is same as would be seen by a 5ft7in pilot in a delfin cockpit. A hud has been included (not on actual aircraft) to make flying easier. Col Sanjay Bajpai

Posted 2008-09-12 22:19:28 by Col Sanjay Bajpai

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