August 12, 2020
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Page 21

F-15GU Splashscreen
485.66kb (1096 downloads)
This is an image of a repainted F-15 Strike Eagle turned F-15GU 'Global Unit'. It boost the morale of the GPEO Freedom Fighters. More pics of the other GPEO textures on the forum Note: This is just a picture ! PS. Sorry, am not sure this is the right place to post pics, I mean nothing says photos, lol.

Posted 2009-08-29 16:56:12 by Dragnoxz
Rivet Amber Splashscreen
134.25kb (822 downloads)
This is a tribute to the one and only EC-135E, Rivet Amber. Disappeared between Shemya, AK and Anchorage, AK in June 1969. I used HJG's RC-135 jt3d v-5 w/rc-135e texture. Taking off from PASY (Erickson (Shemya)), AK "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" was copied from the microsoft splash screen, as I have no way to create the text style and colors needed.

Posted 2009-11-05 05:37:42 by Michael Roberts
FSX Gold Edition Splashscreen
281.36kb (974 downloads)
This splashscreen was made to replace the default splashscreen in FSX Gold Edition. Look out for the Deluxe and Acceleration versions coming soon! Splashscreen by Brandon Filer.

Posted 2009-11-24 01:20:59 by Brandon Filer
FSX B737 Splashscreen
658.74kb (641 downloads)
This is a FSX splashscreen. It shows a boeing 737 in sunset. Made by Konstantin Kraus

Posted 2010-01-03 10:27:10 by Konstantin Kraus
Polish Mi-24D for FS2004-splashscreen
961.57kb (781 downloads)
FS2004 Polish Mi-24D Splash Screen. By Rafal Mikolajczyk.

Posted 2010-02-16 11:08:57 by Rafal Mikolajczyk
Belgian Air Force Splashscreen
82.57kb (569 downloads)
Splashscreen of the Belgian Air Force. Splashscreen includes the Seaking mk48, C-130 Hercules, Embrear EMB-135, Allouete3 and the Belgian F-16 aerobatic's of 2009. Created by Niels de Ruyck

Posted 2010-02-28 15:05:07 by niels de ruyck
FSX screen splash
596.09kb (554 downloads)
New Splashscreen for FSX

Posted 2010-04-25 07:18:15 by TC3
Splash screen double pack
847.58kb (421 downloads)
Splash screen double pack. includes Pavehawk and harrier apash screens. By Claudio Pizzirani

Posted 2010-05-29 11:10:04 by Claudio Pizzirani
Flight Simulator 2004 Military Splash Screen
802.55kb (545 downloads)
Military splash screen for FS2004. By Claudio Pizzirani

Posted 2010-05-31 06:03:45 by Claudio Pizzirani
FSX Splashscreen.
0b (326 downloads)
By Hotzoner.

Posted 2010-07-03 08:25:07 by HOTZONER

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