October 28, 2020
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Gilding competittion-Alice Springs/Jervois
5.1Mb (2020 downloads)
The first stage of the Australian challenge part.2 is available. You will fly from Alice Springs to Jervois in the Australian desert. The stage is 134 Nm long. (French version, english version coming soon) Technical support : www.roussillonaerosimulation.com Mission designer : Mathieu O'HARE.

Posted 2009-12-11 07:48:58 by Mathieu O'HARE
The Final Encounter--2009--Episode I
22.93Mb (3268 downloads)
Dr. Enzo Bitti has de OK from the UN, and the funds, to check the infamous Inca Tale of the "Fallen Gods" which has been going around scientific circles since 1957. Nanko Lucca, the Peruvian Planetary Scientist wrote a paper about this tale last year and warned that his astronomical findings in the Crab Nebula were exactly as the computations found in the Kaulis Temple in the jungle of Peru. This is the first episode of this Mission which will take you from Gulfport Miss, to The deep, vine ridden jungle of Peru. According to the tale the end is not in 2012, its is the last day of the second month of 2010...good luck.

Posted 2009-12-11 17:21:39 by Gera Godoy Canova
Australian challenge part.2 - Alice Spring/Jervois English Version.
5.61Mb (842 downloads)
The English version of the first stage of the Australian challenge is now available. Fly from Alice Springs to Jervois over the Australian desert. After your run send you time to www.roussillonaerosimulation.com so i can put you time on the result board. Good flight and have fun. Mathieu O'HARE,

Posted 2009-12-14 09:04:45 by Mathieu O'HARE
An Evening in the Antilles
8.11Mb (3666 downloads)
Perform an amazing flight around the Dutch Antilles.You must be ready to take off and land in very short runways.This mission's been designed for the very good scenery (payware), FlyTampa St. Marteen, but can be flown in the FSX's default.You'll find music, searches, rewards, surprises, and much more.English and Spanish version in the same download.

Posted 2009-12-17 03:02:39 by Jose Enrique Ariño
FSX Acceleration Multiplayer Carrier Ops Nimitz
18.1Mb (5882 downloads)
This multiplayer mission allows you to use Javier’s Nimitz for FSX Acceleration in multiplayer and fly carrier ops with your friends. From using the IFLOLS “meatball” or the ILS on Jivko Rusev’s HUD series to trapping and launching on the deck of the carrier, you can do it all. There are even a few added bonuses, such as custom cameras, the mission reward, and inflight and on carrier refueling. PLAT camera gauge by Jivko Rusev, Nimitz model by Javier Fernandez, installer & mission graphics by Steven Frost and mission by Orion Lyau.

Posted 2009-12-28 15:18:47 by Orion Lyau
The Most Dangerous Airports: Adak
4.83Mb (3246 downloads)
I have created the next in The Most Dangerous Airports Mission Series, namely Adak. The airport has a unique feature, the weather is really bad, most of the time and during January it is freezing cold. I am have created two versions of the same mission: Snow Storm wheather and real online wheather, to make it more interesting. You can install the one you decide to fly or both.

Posted 2010-01-07 06:08:24 by Robbie Albers
Australian Challenge Part 2 - Bowen / Mackay
5.59Mb (746 downloads)
New gliding race. You have to fly from Bowen to Mackay on the east coast of Australia. Race available in English and French. Do not forget to send your time after your run (details in file). Good flight and have fun. Mathieu O'HARE

Posted 2010-01-08 07:27:47 by Mathieu O'HARE
Rainy London
262.61kb (5517 downloads)
You are ready to land on runway 10 of London City Airport. You are flying a Cessna Skyhawk and you are 3.8 Miles far away from the runway. The weather is too bad. It is thunderstorm and there is no sight. Good Luck! visit for more : http://simmission.net.ms/

Posted 2010-01-09 08:56:39 by Marvin Weber
RAS Air Race Vol.1 / Malé 1.01
2.98Mb (1212 downloads)
RAS Air Race Malé 1.01. Scenery of the race updated. Fly the first RAS Air Race at Male (Maldivas island) in the Indian Ocean. English version. French version available on www.roussillonaerosimulation.com. Good flight and have fun. Mathieu O'HARE

Posted 2010-01-11 10:53:20 by Mathieu O'HARE
Heathrow Failure
644.8kb (6439 downloads)
You are ready to land on runway 9L of Heathrow Airport, which you are 7 NM far away from runway as your engines fall out. Bring down your plane safely to the runway. Good Luck. For more visit: simmission.net.ms

Posted 2010-01-11 11:50:23 by Marvin Weber

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