September 26, 2020
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Terrorists Scud. Site/Airstrip V1.0/Effects from Thunder, FSXF,VMC,GPEO,FSXRAF
13.25Mb (1492 downloads)
(Forgot Effects on last upload of this Scenery.) This Scenary is good for missions, packaged with a Naval Task Force/Battle Group off the Coast of Clile. The airport name is Terrorists SCUD. Site/Airstrip(SLLB). The airstrip is 83 NM. North-West of El Astro Intl., Bolivia(SLLP). Or 161 NM. North-East of ColCarlos Ciriani Santa Rosa, Peru(SPTN). ILS Added for RW-1 109.95Mhz. RW-19 closed. 9000 FT. Rw, 2000 FT. over run. Has scuds mobile launchers, and S.A.M.S around it. This small base posses a threat to the surrounding area. (Arresror Cables Work, No ILS) The airport name is NavalTaskForce/Battle Group(NTFC). Has NBD-(non directional beacon),and Frequency is 364.0. 100 NM. Range Naval Task Force is 10 NM. South-West off the coast of Chacalluta Intl.(SCAR) Chile. Or 189NM. South-West of Terrorists SCUD. Site/Airstrip(SLLB).

Posted 2008-07-25 09:06:26 by
Jack Brown's Seaplane Base (F57)
1.24Mb (2387 downloads)
This scenery is of Jack Brown's Seaplane Base (F57) in Winter Haven, FL. This scenery only works in FSX. This includes several Piper J-3 Cubs, a C185 and a few other seaplanes, as well as a hanger, FBO, and 2 boats. By Daniel Kemmer.

Posted 2008-07-29 09:35:20 by
Saratoga County Airport Version 3.0
1.23Mb (1076 downloads)
I have added every parking space I could count per Google Earth. Runways up to date per FAA Data. A fuel truck has been added to the airport and the correct type of fuel is available. A hangar has been added and the default hangars have been corrected. There are no updated flight plans for the airport. Car Parking lot and roads added. Compiled in Airport Design Editor V3.5.Designed by Brandon Valvo (Brando14100 on Simviation forum. If there is a problem contact me there). Made from the original stock airport.

Posted 2008-07-30 22:42:57 by
Zia International Airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh
427.85kb (3340 downloads)
This is a scenery addon for Zia International Airport. FSX narrow taxiways widened, and parking space were expanded as real as possible and compatibility with any aircraft of AI Traffic. Everything is visible with any FSX settings. Designed by Faisal Nahian

Posted 2008-07-31 01:07:58 by
Lago di Compotosto Airport, Italy (fictional)
260.36kb (1593 downloads)
Welcome to beautiful Lago di Compotosto, Italy. This lake is in the central mountain region of Italy. The lake forms a 'V' shape, hence the name of the airport, Victory Lake. The glide slope into RW29 is at a 4° pitch due to the terrain.

Posted 2008-08-05 08:17:25 by
Alfs UK airfields Volume 9
1.48Mb (3550 downloads)
Alfs UK airfields Volume 9. They were compiled using aerial views from Google Earth, Pooleys UK Flight Guide, and the FSX SDK Object Placement Tool and Airport Design Editor v1.30. This Volume consists of: Caernarfon EGCK Deanland(Lewes) EGKL Perranporth EGTP. Alf Denham

Posted 2008-08-06 04:49:45 by
Alfs UK Airfields Volume 10
923.65kb (3440 downloads)
Alfs UK airfields Volume 10 Although FSX scenery is a great improvement on FS2004, there are still many small airfields in the UK with little or no details. They were compiled using aerial views from Google Earth, Pooleys UK Flight Guide, and the FSX SDK Object Placement Tool and Airport Design Editor v1.35. This Volume consists of: Maypole EGHB Seething EGSJ Belle Vue X1BE. Alf Denham

Posted 2008-08-06 04:50:44 by
Updated Miramar MCAS. V3.0 Scenery from FSXF
26.36Mb (3619 downloads)
Updated-Better Frames, New statics, changed Most scenary objects to dense, or Very-Dense setting. The airport name is FSXF-Miramar MCAS (KNKX), Added aprons, taxi ways, hangers, vehicles, STATIC F-22S,F-18S,CHOPPERS,B-52,B-747, MD-80. Added ILS approuches, 06L-111.75MHz 06R-111.10MHz 24L-109.55MHz, (stock ils.)-24R-111.15Mhz, new starts, helipads etc...

Posted 2008-08-06 04:52:04 by
Benevento Olivola airport FSX
355.14kb (1466 downloads)
The Benevento Olivola airport is situated whereas it operated Benevento airport, used, during the second world war, for the maintenance of the MACCHI airplanes. Currently there are ultra light planes with a school of flight. It deals with a small aviosuperficie which can be served like good VFR flights. Taking off, in fact, from the RW 29, of forehead the imposing outline of the Taburno Camposauro appears, while it is raising even more to the right him that thick of the Matese, situated in the Appennino Campano Molisano. The Thick one of the west Partenio separates the Benevento valley from Naples.

Posted 2008-08-06 08:51:00 by
FSX Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
4.1Mb (2515 downloads)
This is scenery for the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at Washington-Dulles Airport. This adds the Boeing Hanger and Space Hanger. This scenery also fills the hangers with aircraft such as the Concorde, 747, and SR-71. I tried the make it as real as possible but most of the historical aircraft are not made in FSX. Some the the aircraft were switched such as the 707 for the 747. In all there are over 60 aircraft, some are hanging from the roof as well. To tour the center start at the Washington-Dulles Airport at runway 1R and turn around. Use slew mode to tour the buildings. FOR FSX ACCELERATION! *Will work without acceleration but with less aircraft. Made by Daniel Kemmer.

Posted 2008-08-06 11:00:41 by

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