November 30, 2023
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SASA - Guemes Airport, Salta, Argentina.
4.42Mb (1325 downloads)
This file updates the default scenery to correct taxiway and layouts. Similarly, it has repositioned the aircraft parking area, comprising three gates (1 medium and 2 small) with mov. jetways , taking account which is a medium-sized regional airport. It added somes parking for executive jets and added a dock parking charges which allows the stationing of a plane medium as a B757-200 (or minor). He added the service of fuel (truck) (it was tested) and settled the area of gaseous and liquid fuels. Park was installed for firefighters and airport police (north area), the parking area for cars and the park surrounding vegetation the main airport facility. As for the tracks, were illuminated for better air navigation aid. Ils frequencies and radio, are the originals. By Cristobal Laje (2009), Argentina.

Posted 2009-10-17 11:27:26 by Cristóbal Laje
Flugplatz Doberitz Historic AFB, Germany
1.53Mb (991 downloads)
This is another one of my historical airports. If NAS Pensacola is the birthplace of American Navy Aviation, Flugplatz Doberitz is the birthplace of German Military Aviation. It is argueably the birthplace of the Luftwaffe. In 1910, only a year after Johannesthal was established, the German Government established Doberitz for the sole purpose of developing pilots and tactics to take the airplane to war. It served as both a training site and defense site throughout world wars I and II. After WWII it was behind the "Iron Curtain" and served the Soviets in various capacities, but not as the historical place it held within German Military History. The airfield is recreated here as it appeared in the 1920's to late 1930's. Throughout WWII, Doberitz continued to grow, and was host to all manner of military aircraft. With alumni like Max Immelman and Manfred Von Richtofen, most if not all of the German Aces had cycled through Doberitz at some time in their careers. Doberitz is now a nature park. By Jim Dhaenens

Posted 2009-10-18 18:05:45 by Jim Dhaenens
SAME, Gabrielli Intl. Airport, Mendoza, Argentina.
5.97Mb (1513 downloads)
The International Airport has a civil and military area. The runways retain the original altitude and orientation (for on line navigation), but have been adapted to the reality of taxiways, parking area hangars and mov. jetways. It has fuel service truck for the two areas, bunkers for fighter bombers, and facilities in reality. Includes charts and actual photos. By Cristóbal Laje (2009).

Posted 2009-10-18 18:28:03 by Cristóbal Laje
LTFH Samsun Carsamba Airport ILS Fix
7.94kb (960 downloads)
A fix file to correct the ILS-beam heading, for Samsun Carsamba (LTFH) Airport scenery,
Needed files:

Posted 2009-10-19 16:01:55 by Sunay KILIC
Hoedspruit AFB South Africa
232.51kb (831 downloads)
Updated Scenery for Hoedspruit AFB South Africa

Posted 2009-10-21 02:31:47 by Ben Sawkins
Portsmouth Ferry Port & H.M.Dockyard, UK
11.72kb (4034 downloads)
Portsmouth Ferry Port and Portsmouth H.M.Dockyard are situated on the south coast of England. The Ferry port is a major cross channel port to France and H.M.Dockyard is a major Royal Navy base. There are only water starts, water runways and helipads. You can land on the aircraft carrier berthed alondside at H.M.Dockyard and drive or taxi along the wharves. The scenery uses FSX library objects. Installation is very simple but please read the 'readme' for further info and instructions.

Posted 2009-10-21 13:30:21 by Andrew Randall
Hoedspruit, AFB, South Africa
337.28kb (968 downloads)
Hoedspruit, AFB, South Africa, scenery update. In FSX the one rwy27 was sitting in a canyon. Now fixed. Ben Sawkin

Posted 2009-10-22 09:22:12 by admin
Grootfontein AFB, South Africa
286.38kb (811 downloads)
Grootfontein AFB was used during the "Bush War" in South Africa between 1973 and 1986

Posted 2009-10-22 11:57:07 by Ben Sawkins
AI Carrier Eisenhower Nav Pack
3.65kb (2760 downloads)
This gives you a ILS and GPS for your AI Carriers 2 - Eisenhower! You need "AI Carriers 2" & "Javiers Eisenhower" installed to be able to use it correctly! See docs for further info.:
AI Carriers 2 here:
Eisenhower Carrier here here:

Posted 2009-10-22 19:38:46 by Karl Meindl
Military Sceneries Package v1
6.55Mb (2852 downloads)
The autogen textures product features the following: - new autogen forest textures - new autogen water mirror textures for FSX - autogen water textures - new beach,streets and river - all textures have 3 differents altitude - sharpness - raster - all textures are adjusted air photos The Airport Rostock Laage ( ETNL ) product features the following: - New static display of F-4F Phantom and AIRBUS A350 - New opjects and new forest - static display of Eurofighter, Eurocopter Tiger - accurate simulation of Fliegerhorst German Bundeswehr: Jagdgeschwader 73 Steinhof - 200 authentic objects - with shelter for the Eurofighters, forest, streets, hangars for civils and military air traffic - new airport terminal and many more

Posted 2009-10-24 07:37:58 by Andreas Meyer

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