April 19, 2021
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EDDM Munich Airport, Germany
52.1kb (4730 downloads)
EDDM: Munich for FSX. This archive contains BGL-files for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2) to improve original Airport Design on EDDM airport. !This enhancement is rather intended for usage by purists, since it does not contain any further scenery, apart from the original, delivered by FSX! You can expect RWYs, Aprons, TWYs, parking pos., etc with a high accuracy according to the real world (AIP GERMANY AD 2 EDDM; effective: 03 JUN 2010)

Posted 2010-08-08 05:23:23 by Michael Henseler
Gateway - Theatre of Shopping, Sth Africa
46.46kb (1140 downloads)
The Gateway Shopping Centre is one of the largest centres in South Africa. As a pilot in Durban you will certainly fly in close proximity when flying from the Virginia Airport (FAVG), the Durban International Aiport (FADN) or the new King Shaka Airport (KSIA). Please see the Installation and Information file included in the attachment. This scenery file was created using the Abacus FS Design Studio software with the kind guidance and knowledge of Adam Howe.

Posted 2010-08-09 12:59:01 by Greg Olfin
Northland, New Zealand, v2.2
45.05Mb (2023 downloads)
FSX Northland, New Zealand, v2.2. 5m photoreal layed down for part of the top of the North island of New Zealand. Freeware coverage 200 square miles of the 600 square miles available. Features enhanced recoloring and water masking. By fs-creations.co.nz

Posted 2010-08-11 11:11:30 by Michael Allen-Andrews
Big Bear, California
1.14Mb (1130 downloads)
Big Bear, California. Created using rwy12 objects and program. Adds static aircraft, buildings, cars and people. Important landmarks: Big Bear Dam, Observatory.

Posted 2010-08-12 17:12:57 by aaron bennett
Alpine Airfield, California
180.79kb (724 downloads)
Alpine Airfield, California. Created using rwy 12 object placer. includes: NAV Aids, buildings, people, animal and static aircrraft.

Posted 2010-08-14 04:35:54 by Aaron Bennett
Bahamas Scenery
50.85kb (1321 downloads)
FSX Bahamas Scenery. Default scenery for nine airports in the Bahamas and south Florida Keys. Does not impact frame rates and adds to the flight sim experience.

Posted 2010-08-16 09:04:03 by Uploader
FSX Samana (El Catey), Dominican Republic V1.1
2.33Mb (805 downloads)
FSX Samana (El Catey) V1.1 Samana the new Dominican airport located in la Peninsula de Samana. By finksther.

Posted 2010-08-17 13:10:30 by Kelvin Rafael Perez
FSX Power Project v3.0
1.15Mb (2853 downloads)
Accurately positions 28,000+ electrical pylons in UK; 6,000+ animated wind turbines & more than 100 power stations with steam effects in 45 countries. UK scenery aligns with Horizon GenX photo scenery. Many radomes and radio dishes placed around the world - Clacton ATC radar, UK pictured. This version of FSXPP replaces previous scenery models with more accurate sized ones and employs LOD/lower polygon counts to improve frame rates. Many wind farms in UK, Germany, France & Spain + others in China, S America, N America, etc.

Posted 2010-08-18 04:17:40 by Ray Porter
B.C. Canada Fictional Scenery
537.45kb (1026 downloads)
FSX B.C. Canada Scenery. Number 3 in the series of Pro Hops fictional default scenery. Mountain hops in beautiful British Columbia and Alaska. Eight airports total. Does not impact frame rates. By J. D. Starseed.

Posted 2010-08-18 09:45:03 by J. D. Starseed
FSX Oregon Fictional Scenery
645.28kb (818 downloads)
FSX Oregon Scenery. Fourth in the series of Pro Hop scenery. Default fictional airports in the beautiful Oregon (OR) mountains and Portland area. Nine airports total to add some fun to your flight sim experience. Does not impact frame rates. Created by J. D. Starseed.

Posted 2010-08-18 09:45:57 by J. D. Starseed

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