August 6, 2020
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Historic Philips Search and Rescue Trust Helicopter As350 Textures
12.22Mb (3240 downloads)
Two historic repaint for the FSX and FS2004 Nemeth As350 Ecureuil of the Philips Search and rescue Helicopter as is appeared in the early and mid 90's based in Taupo New Zealand. The Campbell island rescue repaint is of the helicopter as it appeared on April 24th 1992 when it flew 2000 kilometres from New Zealand to the remote uninhabited Campbell Island to rescue Mike Fraser who had been badly mauled by a Great White shark and lost an arm. Two other rescue helicopter organisations had turned down the rescue mission before the Taupo team were asked and took on the daring mission. The other repaint (New Zealand Rail Rescue historic mid 90's paint scheme) is how the same aircraft appeared in the years after the Campbell Island rescue mission through the mid 90's when New Zealand Rail was the main sponsor. textures for FSX and FS2004 included. See my other repaint Youthtown Rescue Helicopter for the current Philips Search and rescue Helicopter based in Taupo.
Needed files:

Posted 2010-01-17 16:11:43 by Daniel McCarthy
FSX/FS2004 EC120 ZS-RLN Textures
4.77Mb (1691 downloads)
Textures only for the Eurocopter EC120 by Nemeth Design in the colours of the ZS-RLN, a private owned helicopter. Made by Marius Krämer.
Needed files: ..

Posted 2010-01-19 09:38:24 by Marius Krämer
ZK-IBR Helicopters NZ Ltd AS350 Textures
6.92Mb (1722 downloads)
Repaint for the FSX and FS2004 Nemeth As350 Ecureuil, updated for FSX by the Nor-Cal Prop Club, of ZK-IBR used by Helicopters New Zealand Ltd. Repaint done from a 2009 photo so I'm assuming this is Helicopter New Zealand Ltd's new paint scheme for their AS350 fleet? Textures for FSX and FS2004 included.

Posted 2010-01-23 16:44:52 by Daniel McCarthy
Westland Puma Hc1 Package
35.19Mb (34702 downloads)
FSX model by UKMil. Puma is a four-bladed, twin-engined medium transport/utility helicopter. The Puma was originally manufactured by Sud Aviation of France under the designation SA.330. This is the Westland puma hc of the RAF. In 1967, the Puma was also selected by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and given the designation Puma HC Mk.1. As a result of this decision, the SA 330 was included in a joint production agreement between Aerospatiale and Westland Helicopters of the UK. Model includes Virtual cockpit. By UKMil.

Posted 2010-02-03 18:46:36 by UKMIL
FSX/FS2004 EC120 D-HKMI Textures
4.17Mb (1228 downloads)
Textures only for the freeware Eurocopter EC120 by Nemeth Design in the colours of the D-HKMI, a private owned helicopter. Made by Marius Krämer..
Needed files: ..

Posted 2010-02-08 10:14:00 by Marius Krämer
R22 Beta II IFR Trainer Textures
24.08Mb (1067 downloads)
Stock R22 Beta II with 9 hole 2D panel. Repaint and panel by John Hauck.

Posted 2010-03-01 11:11:14 by John Hauck
FSX/FS2004 Eurocopter AS332L2 Luftwaffe VIP Textures
1.85Mb (5416 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 Eurocopter AS332L2 Super Puma Luftwaffe VIP Textures only for the beautiful AS332 model by Dirk Fassbender and Hauke Keitel
Needed files:

Posted 2010-03-06 05:32:50 by benimix
FS2004/FSX EC-135 Polnisch POLIS Textures
1.33Mb (1227 downloads)
EC-135 Polnisch POLIS Textures only. A Repaint of Heiko Richter's beautiful EC-135
FS2004 Version:
FSX Version:

Posted 2010-03-14 08:36:00 by benimix
Bell 206 Santini Air Textures
2.02Mb (1769 downloads)
These are textures for the default FSX Bell 206b. They are from the 1980's TV-show "Airwolf" and show the Santini Air Jet Ranger. Made by Joergen Frederiksen

Posted 2010-03-16 07:24:13 by Jørgen Frederiksen
FSX Mil MI-24 Hind A Updated Package
15.88Mb (7134 downloads)
I updated Tim Conrad's Mil Mi-24 Hind A package for FSX. I replaced the guages with FSX guages VC and 2D Panels and added texture thumbnails. Works in FSX SP2/ACC Pack

Posted 2010-03-31 22:02:33 by Michael E. Roberts

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