November 30, 2023
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Hughes XF-11/R-11A Package Redux
34.18Mb (15958 downloads)
This is another freeware lost classic, with a very nice VC,nice model,and blistering performance. If you want to blast along at 400+ kts/50,000ft behind 56 cylinders, 8720 Cu", and 16 prop blades, this is your machine. Ian Lawrence produced the original model, and Craig Richardson at Classic Wings put the cockpit in it and polished the original textures and FDE. This is my contribution, 4 'what if?'textures for the machine,if it had made it into service,as the R-11A/WR-11A, in the '49-54 period.The 'Square I' marking and black anti-searchlight scheme was carried by RB-45C Tornado's operating out of Japan during the Korean war. The other 2 schemes, I pulled out of my hat, but comform to markings and color schemes carried by contemporary USAF aeroplanes. The model was a FS 2002/2004 model, but runs very nicely in FSX SP1, with excellent frame rates, a perfect cockpit, and minor 'clouds in front' prop issues in some aspects(no wherenear as bad as some others). The screen shots are in FSX SP1. Don't turn your nose up because its a port-over, its worth it.

Posted 2009-11-30 02:28:29 by Mike Barnes
XF-11/R-11A Redux Texture Fix
6.61Mb (3129 downloads)
A correction for the XF/R-11A repainted textures. The wrong version got in, due to finger trouble. Notably, inverted glare panels on the 'night versions. This fixes it

Posted 2009-11-30 10:36:47 by Mike Barnes
FS2004/FSX SP1 XF-11/R-11Aero Union 27 Textures
2.04Mb (2944 downloads)
Textures only. Another R-11A, this time a surplus civil machine.There is ample precedent for a civil tanker, SiS Q operated tanked F7F's back in the '60's and 70's, and F-6 reporters were tanked,though I don't know where you would hang a tank on a F-11. Or use it for a super bird-dog, or a survey and mapping ship, or camera platform. But she sure looks sexy in Aero Union 'warpaint'. N927AU, Aero Union 27. Requires the XF-11 Redux package (above). Model by Ian Lawrence. Classic Wings version by Craig Richardson. Repaints by 3/7charlie.

Posted 2009-12-01 03:06:34 by Mike Barnes
Hughes XF-11/UOH Navy Textures
2.03Mb (1406 downloads)
A 'what if?' repaint for the XF-11 Redux. For no other reason than I like the color scheme, a UOH (Utility Observation Hughes) in drone controller/ target tug/ range controll markings from NOTS China Lake, 3XD 'Duck!Nots a Target' model: Ian Lawrence. Classicwings version: Craig Richardson Repaints: 3/7charlie. For XF-11 Redux (above), or the Classicwings version.

Posted 2009-12-01 23:38:58 by Mike Barnes
FSX Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket
8.94Mb (3902 downloads)
FSX Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket The Skyrocket first flew in 1940 and was very fast and otherwise advanced for it's time. The Navy decided it wasn't interested in twin engine fighters and it was not mass produced. Grumman did use lessons learned from this prototype to later develop the very successful F7F Tigercat series. This is a native FSX Acceleration project. It has .dds textures, specular shine, reflective glass, etc.The VC has working instruments and animated flight controls. There is no 2D panel. It has the necessary entries in the aircraft .cfg file so it can catapult from and trap on an Acceleration style carrier. By Paul Clawson

Posted 2009-12-05 18:44:58 by Paul Clawson
Martin 2-0-2 & 4-0-4 Updated Package
21.18Mb (5470 downloads)
I compiled Cal-Classics Martin 2-0-2 and 4-0-4. Added the Convair 240 panel (no-VC). Included are Northwest and Allegheny 202s, Southern CB-3 404, Eastern, Pacific, and Piedmont CB-16 404s. Works in FSX SP2.

Posted 2009-12-06 19:00:27 by Michael Roberts
XF-11 RAF/Update1 Textures
3.47Mb (1821 downloads)
2 'what if' repaints for the XF-11 Redux package. A 1946 RAF requirement for a long range, high altitude strategic recconiassance aeroplane to supplant war-weary Mosquito's, resulted in a small number of R-11A's being taken on charge, as Athena PR.Mk.I, and Mk.IA's with special electronic equipment, pending introduction of the Canberra. With a pressurized cockpit, service ceiling in excess of 49,000 ft, 4000 miles+ range, and a 400kt groundspeed at altitude,the 20 or so Athena's roamed at will across the Iron Curtain, providing targeting data,weather,ELINT and strike route information for RAF Strike Command, and remained in RAF service untill 1958. 2 aeroplanes are depicted in standard dinural and nocturnal schemes of the day. Not without precident, as a small number of RB-45C's were bailed to the RAF for clandestine overflights of the East Bloc in the early'50's. Also includes 2 revised Config.files, adding landing light,beacon,strobes and position light, one standard FS lights, and one for ShockWave payware lights.Contrails added at -29 F, airshow smoke moved to position on #2 engine exhaust, red VC lighting, exhaust flame effect (on cockpit light key- CTRL-L) and start-up effect. Tested in FSX SP1. Model: Ian Lawrence. Classicwings version: Craig Richardson Repaints: 3/7charlie. Requires XF-11 redux package above

Posted 2009-12-07 01:09:39 by Mike Barnes
FSX/FS2004 Lockheed L-749 Constellation Package
36.17Mb (27957 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 Lockheed L-749 Constellation Package and Base Kit Included in this sim package are seven models and five textures. Panel textures by Diego S. Barreto, model and VC by Manfred Jahn, panels, gauges, and animations by Hansjoerg Naegele, flight dynamics by Luis Pallas, wingview angles and exhaust effects by Bill Tyne and Roland Berger, documentation by Volker Boehme, handling research by Stefan Werner, textures by Jaap der Baare and Hans Herrmann.

Posted 2009-12-14 04:34:19 by Paul Atreides
Focke-Wulf fw44 WW2 trainer
5.03Mb (7240 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Focke Wulf Fw44 WW2 trainer One of the more successful pre-war Luftwaffe trainer aircraft was the Focke-Wulf Fw 44 Stieglitz. The Fw 44 turned out to be a very successful aircraft, with fine harmony of control, great manoeuvrability and full aerobatic capabilities, which also made it famous in the contemporary aviation world. GMAX mdl by A.F.Scrub

Posted 2009-12-15 13:04:27 by A.F.Scrub
Pan American Lockheed L-749 Textures
5.02Mb (3997 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Textures only Pan American Lockheed L-749 NC86520, c/n 2503, leased to Pan American World Airways on June 6, 1947 and named “Clipper America”. Inaugurated Pan American L-749 services in 1947. Returned to Lockheed in 1947 and delivered to Guest Aerovias SA Mexico on January 6, 1948 with registration XA-GOQ. In November 1948 returned to Lockheed and reregistered NC86520. On January 15, 1949 sold to Air France and registered F-BAZR. In October 1960 withdrawn from use and stored at Paris-Orly (France). Bought by CGTM (Compagnie Générale des Turbo-Machines) for use as flying engine test bed from April 1963 to February 1966 registered F-ZVMV. From February 1966 to December 1974 operated by CEV (Centre d’Essais en Vol). On July 16, 1975 donated to the French Musee de L’Air. Preserved at Paris-Le Bourget (France). Engine test bed equipment removed May/June 2002, still in storage in Air France colors. Textures only. The FS2004/FSX Lockheed L-749 Constellation Base Kit ( must be installed. Original by Manfred Jahn & Co (Team 749). Repainted by Hans Hermann, Virtual Birds Factory

Posted 2009-12-18 07:19:39 by Uploader

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